Good News, Everyone!

Good news, everyone! My computer is now as good as new. Isn't that some good news? It's great news! Oh, and when I say good as new, I really mean it. All the files for episode 17 have been erased, so we will hopefully have it up soon! I just thought you guys should know that progress is now taking place!

--Taco Man

New Professor Oak Teaches Pokémon!

Go check it out...oh by the way, if you are an itunes user, it may say that there is another professor oak teaches Pokemon entries 1-3, well...i had to delete the first one because our host site gave us problems....yet again...so somehow that episode got screwed up....the newer version is louder, i decided to do that when re-uploading it, so anywho i hope you enjoy while we are on our ongrowing delay -.-



Still broke :(

We are still having tons of problems with the computer. It's very frustrating that we cannot get any episodes done, but as a quick RS update, I recently finished writting episode 18 and I think you guys will like it!...I can't wait til all the problems are gone