The Red Squirtle Episode 9 Trailer

Here is the trailer for episode 9, which will be up next friday. Look forward to what will happen to Red who is locked up with no Pokémon!

SURPRISE EVERYONE! We have a new special treat. Every once in a while, on the weeks a normal "The Red Squirtle" episode isn't released, we will have a special episode. At the moment, there are two: Prof. Oak teaches Pokémon, and The Misadventures of Jack. Look forward to more!


Episode 8: Explosive Cargo

More time passed since we finished episode 7. Episode 6 was still incomplete but we needed to do more. So we decided to continue onto episode 8.

This episode takes a jab at sitcoms, you know with all the laughter at not funny parts. So that was the "Joke of the Episode". The episode begins with an officer scolding Red that he was gonna break the law. What a weird law that is, NO YOU CAN'T CUT IT DOWN WITHOUT THE USE OF A POKEMON. Then officer Benny reveals to Red that "cut" is on the S.S.Anne. When Red gets on the boat, he wanted to go

"Down the hall and to the left"

But he gets distracted and forgets...poor Red. He finds himself in the kitchen and the three chefs say something familiar....well to Disney fans it may sound familiar....That's right it's from the song "Be Our Guest" which is from the movie "Beauty and the Beast". Speaking of the chefs, the three chefs was all three of us (including Taco Man... the guy who is Red and Squirtle....that's pretty much it). Later when Red battles the guy with the funny accent and the both send out their pikachus, I absolutely love the pikachu conversation followed by the laugh track. I thought that that part was funny. Poor...ummm...trainer guy, Don't you hate it when your pokemon forget their moves and replace it with explosion. And don't you hate when your pokemon blow up for no reason at all?...yea me to. Red makes a remark that Voltorb probably can't learn electric moves, well....he's right. In generation 1 Voltorb can't learn electric moves by leveling up, poor guy.
Later when at the front of the boat, Oh we got Trouble, right here in Vermilion city (boy I sure hope someone gets that reference) It all begins with a non pokemon song starts to play and the line


I like how we make a joke about the Minnesota Vikings and then a few days later, they went on to destroy the Giants (sorry Giant fans). The music we used here was from a game called "The Lost Vikings"...yes we did that on purpose. The line

"Fresh Roasted Farfech'd"

Is quite the tongue twister. We had to rerecord that line because Taco Man stumbled on it.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. Red is trapped and his pokemon are now gone as well. What will he do? Well...come back this Friday for a trailer for episode 9 then wait another week to see the epic conclusion!


We are still looking for female voice actors! Please consider! We want to do this one episode, but if we don't find a girl voice, we can't do it. IIf we don't find one by February, then we will just have to skip the episode.