February...that certainly is a month

Hello Red Squirtle fans, honestly not too much has been going on. So lets dive into Brock's New Years Resolution.

-Our good friend PAPAYA said "To be Snorlax Pizza Man's Employee of the Year." I wonder if Brock is a good employee.
-Another good friend of ours, Anon, said "I think Brock wants to train endlessly so he can become the Champion, or at least become strong enough to take Bruno's place in the Elite Four so he can gain respect from everyone and most importantly Red." Red and respect? HA good one.
-Another good chap of ours, James, said "Well that's a pretty obvious one. He wants to finally get Red to love him! Or at least defeat him in a battle. Maybe both." I think the second would come before the first and we all know the second would never happen.
- Of course another great friend of ours, B-Rad, said "To not get thrown in jail again!" I'd say that's a good resolution
- And finally, we have another good friend, Ryan, who said "To open his eyes!" well if that happened, the world would explode.

Any Red Squirtle news? well...I'll say this. We are going to release something this month. If that doesn't happen. Yell at Taco Man :D

Hmm...this month is the month that has that one day called Valentines Day! How would a date between Red and Misty or Red and Erika be like? I have a one word answer for both. Disaster. See you all later