Let's talk about Episode 21: This Is Not My Batman Cup

Wow....i wrote this episode a long long long long LONG time ago...and I think we recorded it before we rewrote/recorded episode 19....yikes. This one does not really have too much to explain. In this episode, I wanted to have Red go to a restaurant because we all know he would somehow get kicked out. Later when Red used the pokeflute...you may have noticed that it wasn't a flute making those sounds. Instead, we got Taco Man to get out an old recorder he had in elementary school and just play that very badly. One major theme of this episode is the "WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH etc." and some of you may be confused about why we chose the name "This Is Not My Batman Cup" Anyone familiar with Family Guy might get it. If you are not, well...I can't find the clip on Youtube...sorry guys. We also had Red run into biker gangs because....hey why not. If you don't recognize the song, it's from Chrono Trigger when you meet up with Johnny the Biker. Also...wow I'm surprised Red is still alive from that beat down he experienced. Then the rest about going to the docks...that's quite self explanatory...so yeah.... Wanna hear what I was listening to when  I was writing this?...OKAY

Yeah...so...it's time foooorrrrrr...MY FAVORITE QUOTE OF THE EPISODE!

Gang6- and I bet that you….you eat……grass

I love silly lines like that!
Anyways I'll be back later this month about important things



Woah! It's November?

Hey everyone! Alex here and wow it is November?! School has been keeping me (and the rest of the guys) quite busy. Anyways let's go over October's Question which was "You send Red a text message. He answers with "HEY HEY HEY HEY...no!" What did you send him?"

Brock said "Hey Red! It's your best friend of all time Brock!!! Wanna hang out?"

PAPAYA said "Will Gold defeat you in an battle of epic proportions at Mt. Silver?"

Anonymous said "Is there anything yellow that you don't like?"

ComputerBug said "Hiiiiiiiiii Red! It's me Emerald! You know, the guy who ate your Pidgey. Yeah, sorry about that again, at least you got it back a couple hours later. He tasted like onions. Anywho, I hope you can you forgive me? "

Brian said "Hey, what's up?"

Whoever posed as Brock...you made my day when I read that. PAPAYA and ComputerBug both posing as a character from other pokemon games. Anonymous' question about yellow is flawless because Red...likes the color yellow. And Brian's answer.....made me laugh a lot because I could imagine Red doing that. Anyways, No question for the rest of this month because we are pretty much done. HOWEVER! Do expect a post tomorrow about Episode 21. Another post later this month about some problems we are experiencing (that are now resolved). See you all tomorrow and I'll let you off with this awesome Top 21 Red Squirtle Moments made by our friends over at FireGold. Enjoy!