Squirtles Inaugural Address, plus other exciting media!

So, as promised here is our surprise: an Inaugural Address by none other than the newly elected president of Kanto, Squirtle!
I hope you enjoy it. It's the first thing I have recorded and edited in a while, so I might be a little rusty. ^.^' We also have another little tidbit of media for you guys. Remember way back in Episode 6: The Dragon Gym? Remember the winning move Squirtle used? "That Other Move"? Well, we originally recorded that with no intention on what it would actually look like, but then I had a great idea on what it could be. So I put together this picture for you all...

But I have saved the biggest, juiciest piece of news for last! The Red Squirtle now has its own You Tube channel! As of right now, we have one video (well, more of a montage of pictures), but more will come eventually.

Rest assured that if any videos are uploaded, we will notify you of it here on the blog.

New poll / hiatus update

Alright guys. Next month is the big month! I am very excited, Taco Man is very excited, and Master of Rock is very excited. We are all thrilled to finally release new Red Squirtle episodes! Before I move on, here is the results for November's poll

I found the results a little shocking. First of all....none of you should ever vote if your would elect a turtle :p and second. Oak was very close to Red. Red usually always sweeps the board, but not this time. Also Blue comes in dead last with my vote...poor guy. Anyways we promised a surprise and it will be coming very shortly. Let's move onto the exact break of the hiatus. We will officially break it January 1st at around midnight! Then on Friday the 7th, we will be releasing the next episode and our schedule will be going back to normal from there (1 episode every 2 weeks). Finally...since the mess of episode 19, we can go back to normal (I will explain more of that when I do the write up for 19) Anywho, I hope that gets you excited like us.

So....poll! Of course we have a new poll for you all! This one asks "What do you think will happen in episode 19?" The options are: Red meets a new person, Red gets a new pokemon, Red's eevee continues to annoy him, or Red does something stupid. Pick your choice and maybe you'll be right. I can't wait til the first of 2011. See you then!



New Poll

Hello fans, I got the results of October's Poll right here!
And i would have to agree, I would probably buy videogames, although I do like candy a lot....and boomerangs are cool....and soap is necessary. Ahh whatever. This months poll.... Elections for Kanto's President! Who would you vote for? Red? Oak? Blue? Squirtle? The fate of Kanto lies in the votes of all of you....well not really, but you might get something funny from the results



We're taking a break....officially

From now to the end of the year we are officially taking a break. However, during this break, we will be able to get together and record a lot of episode. Expect our hero Red in 2011. Thanks for understanding and have a great Halloween (listen to Episode H: Ding Dong for a Halloween episode of Red Squirtle).

~The Red Squirtle Squad


Results are in!

Hey guys and gals September's results just came in! Believe it or not, but that question was related to a videogame. You can do all that in Animal Crossing. I don't know why I randomly thought of animal crossing when coming up with the question.

Alright this month's question will be a follow up to that one. Since more than half of you think we are shopping, What are we buying? Candy? Videogames? Boomerangs? Soap?

Come vote today!


Contest winning episode!

The new contest winning episode is now finished and uploaded. First new episode in a while too!We are very sorry for those of you who did not win, it was a tough decision for the winning episode. But congratulations to Papaya and Draftmaster! Go listen to their episode on iTunes now!


Episode 17 + 18....write ups?

Yeah, remember these? I don't...but lets give it a try. It's been a while since. I had to remind myself what exactly I wrote. So less dilly dallying and let's dive right into Episode 17: Arrows and Peanut Butter. So we begin with Red picking up right exactly where the last episode left him. So he starts out finishing the sentence he started in Episode 16 and it shows those arrow things in the rocket hideout. I make a remark about how the arrows make you move incredibly slow. I remember sitting there with my gameboy, waiting for Red to go faster.  Then I had to come up with something for the little squares that make you stop. So I chose the first thing that could come in my mind...peanut butter...why peanut butter? Who knows? Cause I don't. So then Red vomits in squirtles pokeball and can no longer use it. Forcing squirtle to walk with Red the entire time, making it a Red-Squirtle episode HAHAHAHAHAhaha...haha..ha...yeah. I'll stop. More than half the lines in this episode are Taco Man's. Me and Master of Rock literally left the room for the first half of the episode to play Super Smash Bros. So moving on, Red and Squirtle work on completing the arrow puzzles and Red was lucky enough to get the correct route. Then Squirtle vomits....that's a theme in this episode. Like the music in the elevator? If you play the pokemon games, you'll probably recognize it....as for you non current pokemon players. Now I am not sure what game it is from or where...all I know is that I heard it from somewhere. So then someone else besides Taco Man gets a line! and it's a guest we had before. Royce. It was a small part. So then Red goes on the right path and finds more arrows, but then he gets a great idea.....a great idea...and red? whatever. He jumps over the panels and meets rocket # 2 of the episode. Played by Master of Rock. I had to include a time machine part for the paper mario because paper mario was made waay later Pokemon....will you ever see this time traveler dude? I don't think so. I just had to make up a reason. I love the zubat joke in these episodes. This time Red literally takes rocket's turn away. I loved it. So Red wins and steals the lift key from the Rocket. The whole joke involving Lion King was made a real long time ago, probably when episode 10 was new, I just never used it until now cause I was randomly reminded of it from either Taco Man or Master of Rock....don't know which one. Then red gets into the elevator and runs into 2 rockets. One played by me (Alex) and the other played by Royce. So I was the stupid one revealing Rocket's plans. This scene is self explanatory. then we move onto Giovanni. I hope you guys like The God Father. I played Giovanni. It was fun. In the beginning of the battle, I managed to make a Brock joke. that guy is so easy to make fun of.  So Squirtle takes out Onix and Rhyhorn easily. Then he sends out Kangaskhan and things get interesting. When  comet punch doesn't work Giovanni says something bad. We actually did say the curse word in full while recording, it'd make it easier to edit out later. So Red being 10 never heard of that word....and once again I slip another Brock joke in. During that conversation. Squirtle decided to climb up to the ceiling and drop from above to knock out Kangaskhan. Then it ends with Red getting a "Money Machine"

Favorite line: Red-I don't care! It's my turn now! You just lost your turn! Too bad for you!

Let's go right on to Episode 18: 8009 Dollars. It begins with a non-Red line (That's pretty rare) Where we meet a secretary having a bad talk with her boss. Then Red walks in with the line


Very Red-like. red then learns that it's not a money machine and instead allows him to "see dead things" Squirtle comes running in a little later, still with no pokeball, only to be informed that the machine can be used to see the ghost they saw in lavender town. They get excited and decide to ditch the place and go to lavender town. But suddenly is convinced (by videogames) to shop here for a bit. Looks like the secretary is gonna continue to have her job. Then we meet one of my favorite characters, the smooth talking salesman played by Master of Rock. This salesman sells him the noise making greatballs.So Red buys 7 of them....no wait 11 of them and the total came to 11,000. Red then gives him 8009 dollars....So somthing in his brain said that each one must have cost at least 728.0909090909091 or more (because of his line "yeah yeah keep the change) Once he was proven wrong about his math, he suddenly knows that there is 2991 dollars left to pay. How? not sure. Red's brain is odd. So he buys them and switches his pokemon balls out. Red is fascinated by the sounds they make. He then goes to the next floor. The video game floor. So did you recognize all the game sounds and music? well here is the order: 1. Street Fighter Two 2. Kirby's Avalanche 3. Chrono Trigger 4. Punch Out!. So during Punch Out He makes a remark about his dad. By the way, that is the very line from the game, "Dad'll like this". So we learn about Reds rough childhood. Later he sees a poster (which in the actual game says that) and thinks that he and blue are both pokemon, but that passes because of videogames. So Red climbs the stairs to the next floor and sees, yet again, one of my favorite characters! The salesman. This time he talks Red into buy 3 pokeaction figures each at 5000 dollars each, but Red, again, thinks that it adds up to 8009 dollars. In Red's mind each pokedoll....erm action figure was 2669.666666666667 dollars each. Then the salesman sells him every stone except thunder. Then I was going to dive into an old joke....but recently it became very out dated. So no more 493 jokes anymore...sorry guys. So the price of all 3 stones were 500,000 dollars. red tried to pay 8009...again. who knows what goes through his mind. So he tries them all on Pikasquirtle....and none of them worked...who knew. So red goes to the next floor and finds them...SELLING DRUGS?!?!?!....but no. Not that kind of drugs. It's nice to know that Red can say no to drugs. Red then runs upstairs in rage and buys 2 waters. Then goes down...expecting the store to not be selling drugs anymore....in the 5 seconds he was gone.

Favorite line: Red- Are you sure it's not eight thousand
Salesman- and nine? Yes, I am very positive

Alright there we go. I would like to apologize for not really doing anything Red Squirtle related recently. We are all busy apparently shopping. But watch out for our anniversary episode. We have chosen a winner.



The contest has ended!

The contest is now officially over! We got a lot of great entries, and we are sorry that we could only pick one! And the contest winner is..... (drumroll please) ...... Going to be announced when we upload the episode! I'm sure everyone will like it, look forward to it next Saturday!


New poll, old poll, and stuff!

So sorry about the delays of uploading episodes guys. Its still kinda hard to get everyone together to record. Anyway, even though the last poll was taken over by Squirtle, it was still very popular! But, of course, "SSSSSQQQQUUUIIIIIRRRTTTT!!!!!" won with 20 votes! The new poll is... What do you think we are actually doing instead of Red Squirtle!
Oh, and by the way, the Red Squirtle Contest is still going on! Check out the criteria here. It ends September 17th, so you have plenty of time. And dont forget, the winner gets his/her episode aired on the Podcast, and a FREE RED SQUIRTLE T-SHIRT! What is there to lose?


Red Squirtle Anniversary Contest!!!

The Red Squirtle Squad's one year anniversary is coming up! (September 25th to be precise) We wanted to get YOU (the listeners/fans) to get involved in the celebration! So here it is...... we challenge you to write a short script of The Red Squirtle! It must be a maximum of 1,000 words to be considered. The story is "Red flies back to vermilion city, and notices a mysterious cave (digglet cave) and wanders through it. Things happen in the cave (that is for you to come up with)". You can use any characters (ones that have appeared in Red Squirtle or original), but it must make sense. Also, you must use this line anywhere in the episode, and it must be said by Red "So wait... left is down and up is right?" and the very last line must be Red saying "Go pidgey use fly!". We will be using a special intro and outro for the episode when recorded. Please submit the script in this format:
"Red- Go Squirtle!
Squirtle- Pikachu! Pika... (in an enthusiastic, then scared voice)"
Of course, we aren't saying we want those lines in the episode, that is just how we want the script to read. It is easier for us to read it. The winner will get their episode aired, their name in the description (please provide us with a name you would like to go by) and a free Red Squirtle T-shirt! The T-shirt will be blue with a picture of the cover art of The Red Squirtle on it. Send any questions and entries to redsquirtle1@gmail.com! The contest starts now, and ends September 17th. The episode will be released September 25th. Good luck to everyone who enters!



The Red Squirtle Squad will be separated for a little bit cause we need to travel places. We'll be back probably around the 22nd.
See you soon.



Polls Polls everywhere!

So the old poll is finished, and Jigglypuff Pink won by a landslide! The only reason i could think is because jigglypuff pink is a shade of red... well, whatever! The new poll is... ermm.... I think squirtle got a hold of the blog... Vote anyway!


Episode 18 and other updates!

Since we have been so negligent towards you guys, we decided to upload episode 18 as soon as we were done with it, so you can now listen to Episode 18: 8009 Dollars! I am very proud of this episode, personally. There are so many nice sound effects I put in there. Also, on a completely different note, our host site (MyPodcast.com, remember them? The people who give us a hard time a lot?) has finally decided to update their website! Now we can see how many people download episodes on a day-to-day basis, and I am glad to see that we have a lot of downloads! Also, the blog might be going under some construction soon, so hang with us. We have already put in the rating system, so go ahead and rate the posts!


Remember way back when...

Remember way back when Alex said there was going to be a "Short Delay" back in May? Well, sorry that ended up being 2 months... But the new episode is NOW UP!!! NO JOKE!!! Episode 17: Arrows and Peanut Butter. I hope you guys like it!


New Poll

Hey Alex here...I really don't have any new news besides new month means new poll here's June's Results...

Hahahaha. poor Brock. This Months poll is "If Red were to be a color, which color would he be?" Your choices are Dugtrio Brown, Arbok purple, Magnetmite grey, or Jigglypuff pink. Have fun, new episode soon.



Back on Track!

Hey guys and gals. Alex here saying that recording for 17 is gonna happen soon, so you dont have to wait much longer(party noises)! While you wait. I got a new poll for you, but first let's look at the results of last months

Well...apparently Red is a color that a lot of people like and of course no one voted him because he is the main character at all. As for the rest of this month, the question is...Is Brock cool? Enjoy the answers.


Good News, Everyone!

Good news, everyone! My computer is now as good as new. Isn't that some good news? It's great news! Oh, and when I say good as new, I really mean it. All the files for episode 17 have been erased, so we will hopefully have it up soon! I just thought you guys should know that progress is now taking place!

--Taco Man

New Professor Oak Teaches Pokémon!

Go check it out...oh by the way, if you are an itunes user, it may say that there is another professor oak teaches Pokemon entries 1-3, well...i had to delete the first one because our host site gave us problems....yet again...so somehow that episode got screwed up....the newer version is louder, i decided to do that when re-uploading it, so anywho i hope you enjoy while we are on our ongrowing delay -.-



Still broke :(

We are still having tons of problems with the computer. It's very frustrating that we cannot get any episodes done, but as a quick RS update, I recently finished writting episode 18 and I think you guys will like it!...I can't wait til all the problems are gone


Something went wrong

Taco Man's computer is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment, so the new Red Squirtle episode may take a little bit of time during that time I think we will visit a few old shows we started...

Update: Taco Man's computer got the blue screen of death and might have to have his computer completely wiped...which means the episode we recorded will be deleted along with our sound effect folder as well as other RS related stuff we have. So give us time before we release another Red Squirtle episode.



Short delay

We recorded 17 yesterday, so give Taco Man a day or two to finish it. So anyways, how do you guys like the new album art and the blog banner? Taco Man made both and our team thinks it's awesome.


No trailer this week

We are still trying to get back into our normal schedule after our long break. But this weekend we will have the episode up (unless something goes wrong...again)!


Episode 15 and 16 are up!

Hey guys, it was nice to finally release new episodes again. Sorry for the wait, but now we are on track again. Let's begin with Episode 15: Friendly Feud. I call this episode the "problem episode". After the introduction of Brock, I had severe writer's block and couldn't come up with ideas. That's when the 2 week delay kicked in. During those 2 weeks Taco Man helped me come up with ideas and eventually got the episode done as well as 16 and recorded 16. On the second week, the week we originally wanted it release it we got everyone over to actually record the episode, we got it recorded fully, so I thought we would have no more problems after that....but we did -_- Since I wasn't in the same state at the time, we couldn't fix it. Until last Friday where we finally fixed our problems. Then we fixed the error and finished editing as well as finish up 16 and release them both.

Let's move onto the actual episode. In the beginning, Red has another talk with the Announcer. If you payed attention, he basically said what happened last episode (SHH don't tell him). The whole rant that Red was explaining in the beginning, was just something I noticed that the anime does. If you pay attention to the anime, pikachu always says something after ash that has no real purpose what-so-ever. I included that to tell the world.

The advice guy from the gym is a heavy gambler, as you can tell he was in a hurry to play more and very crudely told him advice. Of course I had to make fun of the oldman outside of the gym. During the planning of this episode, I wanted to give Erika a heavy smoker kinda voice.

In this episode I actually made Red kinda smart, he knew that none of his pokemon is good against grass, so he wanted to get out of this battle. Good thing Brock came to interrupt as well as tell Erika some secret gym code thingy to play a game of.....FRIENDLY FEUD! I thought that for this episode we should do another gameshow instead of a battle, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do for the next one yet.

The part with the nozzle is a from one of my personal favorite shows, The Venture Brothers, so I wanted to include that and of course Red's # 1 & 2 best friends are both Brock with Oak in third...Red really needs to make some friends.

This episode is the only episode that Red doesn't have half the lines, It was mostly me and Master or Rock, mostly Master of Rock. Oh and I hope you enjoyed Erika singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". It is always fun to revive the "AMERICA-A-A-a-a-a" Thing.

We then move onto the actual game with the first question "Name a pokemon that evolves with a moon stone" and of course Red's team steals the win on that one. Then question # 2 "Name a gym badge"...I also like to call this episode "Make fun of Brock episode" because we make fun of him so much in this episode, so in our continuing effort to make fun of him, we made sure his gym badge was not in the top 7 answers. The whole thing with the mispronunciation of congrats is because in the script I typed "congrates" so Master of Rock said it like that. In the end Red gets the steal and wins the game.

FAVORITE LINE TIME....okay more like LINES:
Zapper- alright then. Now that we met everyone let’s begin the game. Red, Erika. We surveyed 100 trainers. Top 4 answers Name a pokemon that evolves-
Red- lickitung
Zapper- with a moon stone. Is lickitung up there?

I love this one especially because Red said a pokemon that didn't evolve at the time period this game takes place in.

Let's move onto Episode 16: Where the Money is Made. In the begining I needed a reason for Red to go back in the Rockte game corner....so I just had him decide that he was never in there. I hope everyone appreciated my DBZ reference I put in there. In the first rocket battle, I decided to joke with the changing out pokemon thing you are allowed to do in the game. He tries to battle with eevee and...it worked!?!?! of course only when it was confused. Red ends up winning and starts his way down into the Rocket Hideout.....or as he would like to call it the money factory.

Later at the second battle he meets a rocket that sends out all his pokemon at once and being a good trainer, Red did not do that same. However he did end up winning when squirtle finally used icebeam again followed by the awesome sounding water gun. When the rocket says


it's actually a reference to the Japanese trying to translate pokemon into English. This was Green version and the move tackle was called "Go all out" so I decided to throw that reference in :D

Not much has happened in this episode or at least not much to explain. In the end, we did cut Red's line on purpose, you will hear the rest later.

FAVORITE LINE TIME: Rocket2-…why’d we let him go further down? Isn’t our job to not let intruders go forward?

Come back this weekend for the btrailer....maybe...I hope we can do one this week.



Delays Delays Delays -_-

Episode 15 should be out....but our recording got messed up. So sometime this week we will get that up. We also hope to get 16 up this Friday as well (sorry for the no trailer). Taco Man would have to work this week. Anywho, a new month means a new poll. Here's April's Poll.

This months will be...
Which one of the colors do you like the best? Red, Blue, or Green?

...the fact that they are characters is purely a coincidence. I only care about what color you guys like.


Random Thing #2: Planting the Tree

Episode 1; Plantin...

This is THE very first episode of The Red Squirtle....obviously editing was awful, there were NO sound effects, characters sounded different than they do now and not to mention that the mic cut on a few lines like

" To fulfill my dream of -ching every single Pokemon on the earth"
"Do that -ang you do"
But we ended up liking -ang so we kept it.

This is the same episode just without Master of Rock, this was made before he was on the team. It also doesn't have lines we added later. Also the announcer was not thought of so it just ends with an old running joke we used to have.

"He's Dead" then it just stops.
Hope you enjoy.


Random thing #1: Red the Comedian

If you read all the write-ups, you would know about our ordeal with Episode 6: The Dragon Gym. So when we were prepping Episode 7: He Never Joined the Army, we needed a good effect for in head thoughts. We experimented a bit. I told Taco Man just to say random things. So he did, and we played around with the audio editing software to see what could sound like something someone said in their head...but it didn't sound like in head thinking, instead it sounded like someone was on stage. So I decided to add an intro and BOOM that's how this clip was born.


If you are wondering about the " the red thing moves up and down", it's just a bar in the program we use that tells us how loud or soft we are. Come back soon for more random things we did.


We need an extra week

Hey guys, Alex here. We need an extra week to work on The Red Squirtle. I've been having an epic case of writter's block and just barely finished WRITING it yesterday. The trailer we posted was just lines we recorded for the trailer. We actually have nothing but the script and the trailer done. So in two weeks expect episode 15 up. While you wait, I'll post various random crap over the weeks to haul you over...to begin, I'll start a new poll. Here's the results for the last one and I must say it was very....lacking

Only 8 votes? granted it wasn't up long , but the first poll had like 20 something votes. Perhaps we need to make more blog ads in the actual episodes. Now we move onto the new poll. Red recently got an Eevee. If he had a clue about evolution, what do you think he would evolve his Eevee into?Vaporeon? Jolteon? Flareon?


Episode 14: Saucy!

Saucy! With the ! after it. We begin with solving a plot hole....then suddenly we get serious (probably the first time ever). But then it ends up not being serious at all. Hmm...a serious show about pokemon....that would be interesting. Later when Red goes into the name rater. He rates him kinda a random number....yeah I chose it at random. BTW Squirtle is a lot easier to type than Flanger Hanger Daggur Durgen. Later Red decides to go back to the pokemon tower....again. If you listen closely. The ghost screams


Hmmm wonder why ;) This time we don't invade Red's dream like we did in Green Dream, instead he wakes up outside the tower again. Then he sees the pathway to Celadon City and decides to go that way. Red then travels to the Celadon Mansion. 1st floor is the Manager Suite if you couldn't tell by Red's mispronunciation. 2nd Floor we make fun of what we have to record...and it is literally an old computer and a microphone. Then Red stumbles onto...the future. Too bad he didn't say much about what was gonna happen. 3rd floor is our meeting room where we act as ourselves. Since I have power, I somehow got professor Oak here to help out Red. Then Red travels to the back of the Mansion where he learns about the complex trading system coughcoughgivingeachotherthepokeballscoughhack . Then Red gets a brand new pokemon, Eevee. Red then gets into a battle and learns that she is not all that...obedient. Infact you could she is a little...Saucy. Get it! That's why we named it Saucy. WE ARE FUNNY PEOPLE....anywho in the middle opf the battle Red invites 3 people over to randomly sing...don't we all do that? If you are wonder, we didn't write it, we just replaced the words. It's a barbershop tag called "Smile" and it's very easy to learn and fun to sing. I hope you guys enjoyed it...even though Taco Man did make Red's singing voice...kinda...not that great. So in the end, Red wins with Eevee not listening to a single command from him.

FAVORITE LINE TIME- Red- I'll assume that's a yes
His line before that was "Hi Ghastly, Can I get through please?" followed by a "GET OUT"

We might need an extra week to finish 15. Can't tell you why, but you would understand when we released it. If we don't get around releasing it, I'll throw in a little bonus.
But for now bye bye.


Episode 15 Trailer!

It's been so long since a trailer has been up! Well, sorry...anyway, here it is. The trailer for episode 15! And let me tell you, it seems like I say this for a lot of the episodes, but this one really is a doozy!


Episode 12 & 13

Wow....It's been a while....a long while. Everyone had been so busy, that we could not get this done. But now I finally have free time again and now I can get this done. So let's begin with Episode 12: Icy Blue. So this episode opens with our missing announcer. Where could he be? (well I'm assuming you listened to both episodes so you probably know his whereabouts). Then we pick up where we last left Red, at Lavender Town. He first complains that there is no gyms in any towns, but there are in cities and islands...well that's true for Kanto. Not for Johto or Hoenn, but it is also true for Sinnoh...hmm. Soon he walks into some random dudes house and WHAMMO, it;s the name rater. Does his voice sound familiar? If you're a fan of the animated short "Rejected" he's the guy who says "Dance! Everybody dance" in the beginning of his segment. Anyways, The rater tells Red that his Squirtle's name is only 3 out of 5 stars. Red no like. Red then decides that

"Red's Squirtle should always get 5 stars"

No, of course we are not trying to sneak any hidden message there ;)

Oh, if you want to know the spelling of Squirtle's new name...well I guess it's not Squirtle anymore because his new name is FLANGER-HANGER-DANGGUR-DURGEN. Taco Man just kinda came up with it while we were at school. I dig it.

Next we go to the pokemon tower....or should I say candy factory. Hmmm...a virus called Conflicter...doesn't that sound like a certain virus that scared a bunch of people of people last year? Don't remember it? Well, it was a virus called Conficker. Now it's old news because many anti-virus software has dealt with it.

Moving on...then Red's looooong monologue begins. It is a total of around 330 words. Did you get some deja vu when Red was reading the tombstones? Well it should because we alluded to earlier episodes. I'm sure you caught onto it. Then he runs into his rival, BLUE!!!!!!! Then we switch perspectives and go into Blue's mind...as he thinks of a lame excuse. Then Red epically owns him....real bad. I would get mad if someone said that to me.

At the beginning of the battle, Red seems very arrogant. Wow, Red seems a little too over confident. But anywho Red takes down his Pidgyotto with little effort. Next Blue sends out Kadabra and since pikachu got confused twice...they somehow canceled each other out and then pikachu was able to take out Kadabra. (BTW I love the confusion sound effect with the echos and stuff, it's pretty rad) Over confident Red then predicts that Blue will send out his Raticate, but due to his surprise, it is actually a growlithe. That growlithe takes out pikachu pretty quickly. Then Red sends out flanger hanger danggur durgin. Then we jump perspectives into squirtle's mind and see what he thinks....but because we don't understand squirtish, we can just assumed he thought of a water move. Then he takes out growlithe. Blue then sends out the monster, Gyrados. Then Red gets a bright idea....send out little pidgy! Poor pidgy get's crushed...very badly. Red then sends out flanger hanger danggur durgin and does yet another complex move...and it always works out well in the end. So Red takes out Gyrados...then things get dark. Some odd power consumed Blue or something because what he says is very dark. I love the double track here to make Blue sound more demonic.

Blue sends out his prized Ivysaur and poisons flanger hanger danggur durgin. It seems like flanger hanger danggur durgin will faint because Blue is fighting like a champ....but then it happens... The move that saved Red's victory...the move that is good against plants...the move which inspired the title of the episode...the mighty ice beam(normally squirtles can't learn this move, but i wanted this one to)! It proceeds to freeze Ivysaur, then flanger hanger danggur durgin takes him out with one last tackle. Blue does not seem happy so he leaves feeling all depressed and such. Then at then end, the announcer comes back because he was sleeping (yeah I know, great reason why he wasn't there)

This episode wasn't really too much about humor. It had mostly action as well as an epic conclusion to the battle. So picking a favorite line was pretty much limited to the first part of the episode...but I do have one.

"HELLO CANDY FACTORY" I love this one because Red assumes that a place that smells like death would have a candy factory.

Moving onto the cleverly named episode (thank you Master of Rock). Episode 13: The Green Dream. Notice that the intro is a tad short? Well that's because the announcer didn't have a lot to say because he was asleep. so Taco Man had to shorten it down, but it worked out nicely. This episode is a unique one. It begins with Red training flanger hanger danggur durgin to try to get his ice beam to work. We run into a chaneler...who wants to devour Red's soul...and being Red he doesn't know what devour means. So he just stands there...getting his soul devoured, but then walks away and finds an odd square on the ground. What is this square? I have no idea. but I remember on the gameboy everything would flash white and suddenly all your pokemon was healed...so I had to include that in this episode.

Red finds a ghastly....but wait...that's not a ghastly. It keeps saying

"Get out"

It's the....the....the...GHOST. However...according to Red, that is a ghastly. So he tries to get flanger hanger danggur durgin to fight it....it didn't work out well. Instead the ghost does some sorta move on Red. (Hypnosis maybe?) and Red falls down to the ground asleep. I would also like to say that Taco Man didn an excellent job on the ghost effect as well as the falling asleep effect. Everyone give him a poptart. Then we jump perspectives to a new character...Green. We go to Oak's lab and finds out that Oak treats this kid very badly...it seems like he is only fond of Red. Anywho Oak catches Green his first pokemon....which happens to be a Ratata...poor Green. So he tries to bond with his Ratata....but it runs away. He catches up to it, but it's still not fond of Green. He wants to fight Brock...but he is busy at his job. So then he finds pokemon trainer extraordinaire, Larry. After he smack-talks Red and Oak, he tries to teach Green about how to train his Ratata. But nothing is going his way because his Ratata runs away. Then it begins....the epic montage...using music from the Rocky movies. I was so happy that it turned out so well. At the end of the montage Green originally said a few more things at the very end...but it ended up being too long so we had to cut it. It wasn't much, it was only like...

"are you sure?"

So then it goes into an epic battle between a Ratata and a Weedle....by epic I mean that only the critical hit was epic. After Green's victory...Red wakes up from his dream....or was it a dream? Who knows?

Wow...there was not much to write about this episode because it was mostly character development. But never-the-less very enjoyable. Instead of a favorite line. I have a favorite few lines. This is when Green is with Oak

Green- Don’t I get pokeballs or something

Oak- Do I look like I am made of money?

Green- I am a beginner

Oak- Listen I hate it when people assume that because I am a “professor” that I am automatically made of money

Alright and there ya go. Tomorrow Episode 14 is released. Next week we will have a trailer and on Monday I will do the write up.

Here's a little bonus for you loyal fans. It's an outake from episode 11. The line was

"Come on out Onix"

Episode 11 Blooper...

The best part is, that Master of Rock stayed in character while continuing to fumble on his words.


Episode 12 Trailer!


Sorry about last week, everyone. I was really swamped with my classes. But, as promised by Alex, here is the trailer for episode 12! This episode changes the life of Squirtle FOREVER! You should get an idea from the trailer. So, without further ado, episode 12 trailer! Enjoy!


Episode 11: The Black Knight

Well well well. Guess whose back. Back again. Alex's back. Tell a friend. Anywho lets jump right into this episode. It begins right where we left off at the end of 10 with Red being stuck behind the re-spawning tree. Fortunately he gets help from a bunch of beedrills and convinces them to cut down that small tree. Later he finds his way to the pokemon fanclub where that old man names tons of stuff that his favorite pokemon, Rapidash, can do. One of those is

Can beat the running man in Ocarina of Time

There is an unbeatable man you could race. It is impossible to win...unless you're Rapidash. Then Red gets his bike voucher and goes to get a bike that he completely destroys. Then Red's life forever changes when he figures out that saws are legal...so episode 8 and 9 didn't need to happen. Poor Red. This next part was done at the very last minute. Which is probably why the music is real quiet. We didn't have enough time to check with the rest of the episode. Oh well. So after Red figures out that he still in Cerulean city, we meet an interesting character. Let me tell ya, voicing him was took practice because I wanted him to speak fast. I even messed up on a few lines, but it blends with the character so it probably wasn't noticed. So let's just say I said

dark? no it's dark no it's dark light no no it's light no it's dark light

Instead of


on purpose ;). Then we finally meet brock. I hope the first thing he said sounded familiar. Remember from a long time ago back when episode 1 and 2 were released? Remember what the first lines brock said? Well if you do, then this may have been a pleasant surprise. Then it's revealed that Brock has a television and a pizza delivery job. Around this area, I slipped a Back to the Future Part 2 reference. See if you can find it. As for the battle itself. We see that brock has been training because his geodude evolved. Also his graveler knows some pretty good moves to. Rock throw and earthquake to name a few. Later in the battle Brock mentions he is a viking...he sure thinks he was important, poor guy. Speaking of poor guys, I feel bad for young Red. That shock must have really hurt. Ouch. After Red beats Brock (or should I say totally owned), Red shows a small amount of care to him and this makes Brock exited. So usuing Brock's help, Red gets out of that cave and starts heading for Lavender Town.

FAVORITE LINE TIME: Brock- Surprising right?
Just the way he said it makes it great.

Come back this Friday for the trailer for episode 12...and it will be up this time, I promise.



Hello hello my many adoring fans...my somewhat good amount of adoring fans....my very few fans. Anywho this is Alex, the one whose Internet broke for the last few weeks. That makes communication very difficult for us. It is still not fixed yet (AHHH). As you know I am usually in charge of the site. While Taco man does editing etc. etc. So please excuse the lack of a trailer. I hope to get my issue straightened out soon so we can be back on track. You probably noticed that a trailer was not posted. I would make a quick trailer...but I don't have the audio file and I'm at my mother's office and she does not have any kind of audio editing program. I would also like to apologize for the feed change...yet again and of course this has to happen when my interwebz doesn't work. Doing a podcast is very difficult sometimes -_-. I think I'm getting it fix soon, so Taco man doesn't have to do everything but write the scripts (but he did a great job on the sorry episode). Once again sorry for my disappearance, I hope to fix it soon. The next episode will be excellent. It's one of my favorites. Also we are no longer in need of a female vocalist because...well, it's not enough time to release a Valentines episode. It's a real shame because it is a good one. Next time...please participate whydontcha?



Episode 10: The Password Is...

Hey everyone, Taco Man here again! Alex is still having technical difficulties, so it looks like it’s my turn again! Sorry about this post being up a day late, but better late than never! So this episode was actually recorded after 6, 7, and 8, but before 9. And, this is our first episode with a guest appearance! Royce is featured as Lt. Serge!

This episode starts off with Red taking a step off the S.S. Anne, and then it takes off. Too bad Red never got to relax. He attempts to use cut, but loses it in the nearby sea. Luckily, Blue is nearby to cut it down with Ivysaur. After a quick pep talk from the guy at the entrance of every gym, Red somehow opens the doors.

And this is when Lt. Serge comes in! He is the perfect American, and therefore must show how American he is by echoing every time he says America. And also one funny thing about when Serge and Sparky challenge Blue and they mention Red, Red shows off his stupidity by making weird noises. I had originally intended that to be about one second long, but I started laughing half way through. Instead of stopping, I worked it into the episode, I just couldn’t help but think of Red just walking around in a circle by himself looking at the ceiling, just making those noises when he originally came to battle a gym leader.

Anyway, after Serge challenges Red and Blue to a battle, he talks about the war he had been in. If you listen closely, when Serge mumbles the name of the war he was in, he says:

Serge- (mumble mumble snarf mumble) War!

That’s because Royce really likes Snarf from Thundercats, just like Master of Rock. Also, the battle of “America” is actually a mix of The Vietnam War, the Bay of Pigs, The War on Terror, The Great War, and The Boston Tea Party. That would have been quite the American war, if it happened. After Sparky suggested a battle of smarts, and Red agreed, Lt. Serge gave up and decided to play…Super Password.

We had originally intended to have some sort of classic game show theme to be playing in the background, but we couldn’t find a good one that looped well. So we finally decided to go with the game corner music. Also, it’s a good thing that Red went along with the “battle of smarts” thing, or he would have gotten crushed. Maybe Red is smarter than everyone thinks…NAH! He’s probably just lucky!

After Red gets extremely lucky at Super Password, Lt. Serge gets really mad and storms off, hiding under the bathroom sink. And that’s when Brock comes in! He swears his revenge on Red in the Rock Tunnel, which is a side of Brock we have never seen before. It’s rather surprising, can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! In the recording of this episode, we had actually said Rock Cave instead of Rock Tunnel, and we had to re-do it only a few days before actually releasing the episode.

Finally, after Blue wins in a “battle”, Red and Blue finally get their badges. And sadly, Blue is put on the stone in front of the gym, like he always is…better luck next time, Red! Next week, Red goes through Rock Tunnel, and will most likely find Brock there! This should be…interesting…

FAVORITE LINE TIME!: “And remember to smell everything before you eat it”

Also, a few news updates. The Poll is finished, and here are the results. Fishy won by a landslide, and Misty came in a distant second. Vote on our new poll!

Also, this is the last chance for anyone who wants to be our very first female voice actor! From the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like we are going to be able to do the episode we want to, but if you are interested, please contact us at redsquirtle1@gmail.com

And last, but certainly not least, we have changed feeds again. We have gone back to our old feed, so for those of you who use iTunes, search “The Red Squirtle”. The bad feed has been renamed “The Old Red Squirtle” so there will be no confusion. For those of you who don’t use iTunes, we can be found on MyPodcast.com. Sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully this will be the last time we have to switch feeds!


The Red squirtle Episode 10 Trailer


Here is the trailer for episode 1o, which will be airing next friday! Sorry for it being unreasonably loud, everyone. Watch your speaker volume. It sounds like Red and Blue are gona get one heck of a battle from Lt. Serge!

And, like I said last week, this episode is featuring a special guest, Royce! Royce enjoyed recording with us, so expect to hear more from him in the future!

Speaking of guest appearances, time is running out to become Red Squirtle's first female voice actress! Email us at redsquirtle1@gmail.com for details, and you might just get the part!


Episode 9: Vikings Awesome Adventures Part 8

Hey everyone! Alex is having some technical difficulties, so it looks like I'm gona write the blog post this time! So, Alex has been saying how everything after episode 5 was recorded out of order, and this episode is no exception. Ironically, we started recording Episode 9 after Episode 10 was all finished.

This episode was an original idea, straying away from the actual story line of the game (kind of like episode 5). We figured we had to have something special happen on the S.S. Anne, and since the whole "ship sinking" idea was taken by the Anime, and Pirates was a bit cliché, Vikings would be the best idea.

So, on to the episode. This episode, instead of having the normal "Red Squirtle" intro, has the intro to some series following the adventures of a ship of Vikings. This is apparently the 8th episode in some podcast called "Vikings Awesome Adventures", and is interfering with Red Squirtle. They had gone to some place called "Newbark Town" and took Root Beer from someone named "Elm"... hmmm, sounds like the Vikings were off in some far off land named Johto to me.

Anyway, the episode begins with Red telling Olaf about a story Squirtle told him. Sound familiar anyone? Then Olaf goes to "get a glass of water" for Red. As a side note, did anyone notice the references to a certain video game called "Lost Vikings"? Olaf, Erik, and Baleog? Viking theme, anyone? Eh, whatever. Anyway, while Red and Olaf are singing about not getting a glass of water, Red sidetracks and says:

"I'm, uh...water...BATHROOM!"

And Red leaves Olaf in the dust. Too bad for Olaf. So once Red finds Squirtle (pikachu) in the kitchen, he runs into the Blood-Seeker, Baleog. Master of Rock voiced him, and as soon as we gave him his inspiration "the strong, silent type", he instantly decided to go with the voice of Batman. Baleog says to "Hey you", directly followed by Squirtle saying "Pikachu!", and then a laugh track. In case no one got the joke, there was a game called "Hey you, Pikachu!" for Nintendo 64. There was a microphone attachment, and you could talk to the Pikachu in the game and tell it to do various tasks. Alex and I had a lot of fun playing that game, and we nicknamed our Pikachu "Squirtle" for no reason. This is where the inspiration for nicknaming Red's Pikachu "Squirtle" came from, and we thought it would be even funnier, since red already has a pokémon named Squirtle.

Then the un-original part of the episode. By that, I don't mean we completely ripped someone off, it just has more to do with the story of pokémon. Another battle with Blue! In the game, Blue's picture looks different than it has in the past, and he looks more serious. Of course, we had to include this, and the reason for this transformation is because he is a VIKING! Blue's Bulbasaur evolved into an Ivysaur, but too bad Red is oblivious to the fact that pokémon can evolve. I wonder what Red thought Blue did with his Bulbasaur...

After that, Red finds the Captian's Room, and discovers that all of the Vikings are leaving. But they forgot someone! Brock! This is were Red finds his Pidgey, the most under-appreciated pokémon Red owns. Ironically, the most under-appreciated gym leader had it. Who just so happens to be Red's most under-appreciated friend. Funny how things work out like that, huh?

FAVORITE LINE TIME!- "Well I'm the seeker of...uhhh...what sounds cool...SOUP! Ugh, why would I say that?"

Look forward to next episode, Episode 10. It is certainly one of my favorites so far, and we have a special guest! If you want to be a special guest, email us at redsquirtle1@gmail.com. We still need a female voice for an upcoming episode in February. So if you just so happen to be female, and you want to be in an episode, shoot us an email! If we don't get anyone, we can't do the episode and we will have to skip it!

--Taco Man


The Red Squirtle Episode 9 Trailer

Here is the trailer for episode 9, which will be up next friday. Look forward to what will happen to Red who is locked up with no Pokémon!

SURPRISE EVERYONE! We have a new special treat. Every once in a while, on the weeks a normal "The Red Squirtle" episode isn't released, we will have a special episode. At the moment, there are two: Prof. Oak teaches Pokémon, and The Misadventures of Jack. Look forward to more!


Episode 8: Explosive Cargo

More time passed since we finished episode 7. Episode 6 was still incomplete but we needed to do more. So we decided to continue onto episode 8.

This episode takes a jab at sitcoms, you know with all the laughter at not funny parts. So that was the "Joke of the Episode". The episode begins with an officer scolding Red that he was gonna break the law. What a weird law that is, NO YOU CAN'T CUT IT DOWN WITHOUT THE USE OF A POKEMON. Then officer Benny reveals to Red that "cut" is on the S.S.Anne. When Red gets on the boat, he wanted to go

"Down the hall and to the left"

But he gets distracted and forgets...poor Red. He finds himself in the kitchen and the three chefs say something familiar....well to Disney fans it may sound familiar....That's right it's from the song "Be Our Guest" which is from the movie "Beauty and the Beast". Speaking of the chefs, the three chefs was all three of us (including Taco Man... the guy who is Red and Squirtle....that's pretty much it). Later when Red battles the guy with the funny accent and the both send out their pikachus, I absolutely love the pikachu conversation followed by the laugh track. I thought that that part was funny. Poor...ummm...trainer guy, Don't you hate it when your pokemon forget their moves and replace it with explosion. And don't you hate when your pokemon blow up for no reason at all?...yea me to. Red makes a remark that Voltorb probably can't learn electric moves, well....he's right. In generation 1 Voltorb can't learn electric moves by leveling up, poor guy.
Later when at the front of the boat, Oh we got Trouble, right here in Vermilion city (boy I sure hope someone gets that reference) It all begins with a non pokemon song starts to play and the line


I like how we make a joke about the Minnesota Vikings and then a few days later, they went on to destroy the Giants (sorry Giant fans). The music we used here was from a game called "The Lost Vikings"...yes we did that on purpose. The line

"Fresh Roasted Farfech'd"

Is quite the tongue twister. We had to rerecord that line because Taco Man stumbled on it.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. Red is trapped and his pokemon are now gone as well. What will he do? Well...come back this Friday for a trailer for episode 9 then wait another week to see the epic conclusion!


We are still looking for female voice actors! Please consider! We want to do this one episode, but if we don't find a girl voice, we can't do it. IIf we don't find one by February, then we will just have to skip the episode.