Merry Holiday!

Hello everyone, man I've been quiet lately. Sorry everyone, I've been busy with school and blah blah blah. You don't care much about that. Also I think X and Y took away from me updating the blog. On a side note I finished it. I hope you all enjoyed our impressions of X and Y. There are a few things we did forget to bring up. The music! The music, man! How could we forget? We all liked it. My favorite track was Lumious City. Master of Rock also wanted to do a small discussion about why he doesn't like that dragons got nerffed. Other than that I think we covered everything we wanted to say about the game. Now let's see what you all think of it.

Mongo said "Pokemon X and Y are two very good 3DS games. The graphics rock, even though the 3D isn't used much. The music is AMAZING. I seriously cannot express enough how great the music is (to me at least). I enjoy the rather even mix of the new and the old Pokemon, although I wish new pokemon popped up a tiny bit more than the old ones, but that's a small complaint. The Mega Evolution I think are a very nice addition to the series, as they are not too overpowered, but there is a power difference. Team Flare and their fabulosity are amazing. I also enjoy how they try to space gyms apart more (at least at the beginning) So you aren't at level 50 in the after-game and cant do much to level. Pokemon Amie is ok, not great not horrible. I have not gotten around to Super Training yet... Sky Battles were kinda ruined for me when EVERY TIME THEY USED EMOLGA, and they are few and far between. Roller Skates were phenomenal, i love the tricks and free range of movement, and the bike was awesome too (again, free movement). Diagonal walking was a great addition as well. Can't say too much about the story as I have not finished the game yet (trying to enjoy the game to the fullest!) PSS is nice too, eliminating Pokemon Center's additional floors and trading and battle can occur wherever. Customization is cool to, but seems like they could've done a better job with it had they spent more time on it. I enjoy riding on pokemon too, but i wish it was in the game more. Overall, it is a great game, and, in my opinion, the best Pokemon title to date.Phew that was a lot! If you read this all you deserve a cookie." Funny you should mention that you like Roller skates, I know a lot of people who think that is the worst part of the game. I liked them too.

Ryan said "Best generation by far. I love almost every single Pokemon introduced in it, the music is outstanding, I absolutely love the mega evolutions and Fairy type, I can final EV train SO much quicker and easier now, the PSS is a great addition allowing quicker ways of battling and trading, and you can help your friends out with O powers. The GTS and Wonder trade are nice and easy to use, Pokemonamie is a nice addition(I love how my Quagsire waves to me when it notices me), I love the new moves introduced in this gen, and I actually like team Flare. The roller skates are awesome, the friend safari makes catching rare Pokemon easier and allowed me to get a Greninja with Protean, and it's so cool to see everything finally have full 3 dimensional animations. My only complaint is having to wait until the end of December to get my Empoleon for my Water team, but that doesn't take anything away from the game......and I'm definitely buying the soundtrack when it comes out. Lol" On a side note. I beat him in a battle GO ME. But seriously, he got unlucky with that battle. I so didn't deserve to win.

B-Rad said " Pokemon X and Pokemon Y The newest pokemon games. they combine the best of the whole series, has beautiful visuals, classic music, and great new gameplay. As well as balancing the OP dragon type, they have now OP mega evolutions. I really enjoy this game! I can't wait to have my Mega Absol and Mega Blaziken destroy all other pokemon trainers everywhere. In short: Buy a 3DS, buy one of the games, and have some fun times. On a separate note, did i mention the FREAKIN MUSIC?" I don't believe you did mention the music.

Finally, Carl Wheezing "THE BEST POKEMON GAMES EVER!!!"...so wait is firegold working it's way into real life?

I regret to say that we will not have a holiday special this year, but perhaps you haven't heard what we did last year or many years ago. That's right we have two holiday specials. Also Firegold released their holiday special, that is worth checking out. Later this month I hope to have everything I need in order to pump out more episodes. Finally, let's have a question! Red is making his own winter holiday. How would he have people decorate their houses?

Have a great day,



Hello everyone Alex here to give you a little update on the current situation of Red Squirtle. First order of business, you may have noticed that the new anniversary episode is out. Well I edited that episode. We are officially announcing that I am the editor of Red Squirtle episodes. Once I get my hands on all the raw recordings, I can start pumping them out quicker. So after waiting months and months and months, episode 24 can finally come out this month (granted that the recording isn't lost). I also have anniversary bloopers coming out soon too. I hope you all enjoyed Anniversary 4. It has been a very fun and kinda slow series, but we are so happy that you all are sticking around for us. We also want to thank team firegold's PAPAYA for lending his vocal chords to us. Also later this month we will be giving you guys our Red Radio about the release of X and Y. We will tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. It will be honest critique, but I can say that we are all enjoying it. Lastly, lets look at the last question I asked which was What other food could become a pokemon? and this time we had a small  outcome let's look

Mongo said "A peppermint perhaps? Or a ground/grass carrot pokemon? What if they made a Rare Candy pokemon?? They have Voltorb/Amunguss so it kinda makes sense. Kinda. Not really." Is it bad I kinda like the idea of a peppermint pokefolk?

Ryan said "If they make another food based Pokémon, my guess would probably be a candy cane. I don't know why, but I feel like Nintendo would do something like that. It would be Ice/Fairy....and its weakness would be Munchlax" again, I like the idea of a minty fresh pokemon. I'm not sure why

B-rad said "Ah, the next food Pokemon would be a three evo with a mega evo. the first is a simple drop of water, i guess kinda like castform, then the 2nd evo is a glass plus the drop of water, so like magnamite, meets castform meets klank from b/w. The third evo combines the glass and water and glass to make a lone glass of water. Now for the Mega Evo. Glassofwater's mega evo would be silly but deal tons of damage. his mega evo transforms the small glass of water into a full blown water park complete with wave pool, slides, and a 5 star hotel. Boom i win the internet" If i could draw, i would draw this. You can pick up your internet tomorrow morning.

Other than that we are done for this month. As for the question...it wont be a question per say instead Tell me what you think of Pokemon X and Y. PAPAYA you are banned from this question if you decide to answer it. I know you opinion very well. Have a great October everyone and remember to be the chocolate dunkaroo on the 31st. G'day everyone



And alas, August is here

Hello everyone, Alex here once again to write a monthly thingy, I think it is called a blog post. Jokes aside, I hope you all have been enjoying Red Radio in our time of no Red Squirtle episodes. I do hate leaving you guys with no content at all, so this has been a good alternative. Also as a side note, Taco Man wants everyone to know that he is indeed not a racist, although I don't think anyone thought he was from his yoshi comments made in Red Radio 3. It wasn't serious at all. As for August, we do have another Red Radio planned later this month, as for episodes, we are not sure. Without further ado, I bring to you last months answers for What is Brock's favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mongo said "Rocky Road, he is the Master of Rock, after all." Rocky Road becomes a theme for other answers as well. I totally should have seen that coming

B-Rad said "Brock, being who he is, would not be satisfied with any normal type of ice cream, so he'd make his own: "Pizza Ice Cream" it would be red in color, due to his obsession with Red, and taste like pizza dough!" I don't think Brock is a fan of normal types at all (see what I did there?)

Logananimeguy said "Any Rocky Road if it was dyed with red food coloring" Ah, a twist of the Rocky Road answer

Ryan said "Sock flavored Ice cream topped with cocoa pebbles." This answer reminds me of the Harry Potter jelly beans, with such classic flavors as grass and vomit

finally Tolvan said "Rocky Road, of course. I like Logan's twist, though, so it'll have red velvet cookie dough in it as well." and I'll add chocolate shuckles filled with caramel

Other than that not much else to say about this month. I'll leave you all with a question What other food could become a pokemon? If you don't understand what I mean look up some of the new pokemon. Bye bye!



We got it right!

Hello everyone Alex here and you all may be wondering "Hey Alex, what is up with that title?" well briefly mentioned in the new Red Radio we said we had issues making our second Red Radio. I decided I'll go into more detail right here (since there really isn't that much other new news). Our first attempt was a history of Red Squirtle and a discussion on each episode. The raw recording of this episode was over 2 hours long. Upon going into the world of editing, I was getting bored listening to it. All our discussions dragged on and we really didn't have too much to say, although we may return to the early history of Red Squirtle because that may be worth talking about. So I sent a message out to the squad and we would try again in a week or two. Our next attempt was to return to X and Y and discuss early Red Squirtle history with a short intermission between each section. As Taco man said in the podcast, it became outdated within days and we wanted to focus on the now rather than the then. So attempt three came along and we were all happy with it. If anyone is unfamiliar with Red Radio please go to our facebook page and view the slideshow during or before listening the podcast as we refer to it often...Now I know what all of you may be thinking "What is happening with the next episode of Red Squirtle?" and I wish I could provide you all with an answer. We will have the another episode out one day. That's probably not the answer you were hoping for but please stick with us. The major reason why we started Red Radio is because to give everyone something to listen while we wait for the next episode...that and because it is fun to do. Also here is a little fun fact, in the last Red Radio, we all mentioned a game we were playing, in editing, we used a song from each game in the podcast somewhere. There is something to look for if you're going to listen to it. But enough about that let's go to last month's....last 2 month's question which was "Where would Red go on Vacation? It can be a real place or a fictional place." Let us see what you all said

Ryan said "The Orange Islands. He's probably wanted to go there ever since the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town when he fantasized about getting the badges from there before he dies." You have a good point, he must know of the Orange Islands in order to dream about owning their badges.

Mongo said "Fiji. It seems like a fun place to go." I agree it does.

PAPAYA said "Yellow brick road. Because it's a road. With bricks. That are yellow. And Red likes yellow. Sure, it's not exactly a place, per se, but it's still YELLOW! -PAPAYA" Place: noun: A particular position or point in space. I do believe a road would be a place

B-Rad said "From Kanto, Red would hop upon his newly revived pidgey and fly from wherever he is at in the show, i forget what town exactly xD , all the way to Anaheim California and experience the majesty of Disneyland! Wandering around outside the park he would find out that it costs money to get into the park. Eventually Red would sneak into the park, steal churros,ride the fastest rollarcoaster in the park, get kicked out of the park for correcting people on the use of the word "holiday", and wake up only to find he'd been dreaming the whole time!" Right now in the show Red is on his way to Fuchsia City. Red does seem like the guy who would dream about Disney Land. I mean I do as well.

Logananimeguy said "El Dorado, it's filled with gold and do you know what color gold is? Yellow and he and his pokemon would be considered gods to the people" Red's dream! Shiny yellow bits!

Tolvan said "Realistically speaking, Pallet Town. Because that's where he always goes. Actually, I think he'd go to Nimbasa City. After all, Nimbasa City is the entertainment hub for the World of Pokemon, right?" I wonder how Red would fare in the Ferris Wheel with N, since he is a not so silent protagonist.

And with that we enter July, which is also National Ice cream month. So everyone appreciate the Vanillite family this month and hey let's have the question related to that. So...What is Brock's favorite flavor of ice cream?

We'll be seeing you next month hopfully with better Red Squirtle news. Small you later



Let us all welcome summer with open arms

Hello everyone and welcome to summer! This summer I wont promise any progress bar but we will work as hard as possible to get things done. We have a Red Radio planned and episode 24 shouldn't take too long (we hope). We may resurrect a few old things (Professor Oak Teaches Pokemon, Jack, etc.) and introduce a few new things too :O. All I can tell you is thank you for being patient with us, I know we are working slow, but we are so grateful of all of your support and we hope to deliver great content to you soon. Thank you all for your comments on Red Radio, were glad you enjoyed it. We did record another but it was waaay too long (2 hours?! WHAT?) and it got boring after a while. So we are going to redo it and make it more organized and concise. One more thing before we go onto the question, I have one thing to say. Look out for the next Red Radio because we will have a small contest with a prize! So to finish up this short post here is this month's question Where would Red go on Vacation? It can be a real place or a fictional place.



Now Introducing...Red Radio!

It is about time we acted like a podcast. I would like to introduce you to Red Radio! a sit down chat with the Red Squirtle Squad. In the first episode, we talk about the new generation of pokemon with our special guest Royce, aka the voice of Lt. Serge. This episode of Red Radio features a set of images you can find on our facebook page, click HERE to see the images and follow along. We all want to hear feedback from everyone, so I ask you to please listen and criticize us. I know Master of Rock was too quiet in this podcast, but we will fix it for next time. Also in the podcast we drop the release date for the next episode, so it is really worth listening to. (UPDATE: We lost the recording of episode 24 up until recently so expect it by the end of March, sorry for the delay)

Anywho, let us go to last months question What did Red do on Valentines day?

Brian said "yellow"....let's not think about that shall we?

Anonymous said "his homework" like Red goes to school

Logananimeguy said "He made a statue of Brock and every other person he dislikes and burned hem all to the ground while laughing maniacally" Knowing Red, that'll be a lot of statues

Ryan said "He had fun with Squirtle, Squirtle, and Growlithe......Pidgey was upset though cause he forgot about Pidgey again. He also bough Squirtle a new snuggie due to Squirtle creating too much static electicity with it and ruining it." D'awww showing love for his pokem-...most of his pokemon

and B-Rad said "Red would venture to the poke mart and indulge himself in all sorts of unhealthy chocolaty goodies, without paying of course" ahhh sounds like the good life to me.

So this months question/topic is all about Red Radio. What did you like and what would you change?



As February flies by, here is a blog post

Hello everyone, how are you today? Did you enjoy the new years? Well onto last month's question, which was "Brock needs help! He needs to develop a new type of Pizza. Help give him some ideas!"...Okay so it wasn't really a question and it looks like no one wanted to help out Brock, he only got four responses

Logananimeguy says "Make a red pizza
Make the pizza the same shapes as Red's head and use the toppings as his face features" Brock loved this idea, but his boss didn't

Ryan says "the snorlax pizza. It's a pizza that's half as big as a Snorlax and has every single pizza topping ever on it." Brock's boss says too expensive to produce

B-rad says "because he is the master of rock, a viking, and he'll make you eat your sock, he would use rocks, a viking hat, and socks for his toppings. If you are the lucky person to be able to eat such a monstrosity you get the boulder badge" Brock's boss says it is easier to beat Brock in a battle than to eat this

Mongo says "make a Boulder Badge Pizza.
Same shape as boulder badge, covered in sausage to make it look greyish brownish.
Served with Earth Badge salad (it's a badge of a plant)." Brock's boss declined because it didn't include the Marsh badge

...well better luck next time.  Let's live text Taco Man and Master of Rock right now and see what they have to say.

Taco Man says "Hi and You are all awesome!"

Master of Rock says "HEY BOYS AND GIRLS, maestro of stone here. Uhmmmm I've never really written an update before, my mind is so blank.........bunnies.....Oh! I hope you all had a fine valentine's day! I stayed at home all day and gawked at a pretty women. Sigh. One of these days I'm going to get marrried. Boy is that frightening. And now a haiku: Birds fly so graceful Their beaks cut the air like swords. Woodpeckers scare me."

Also expect something interesting coming next month. What is it? well only time will tell!

So the question is....What did Red do on Valentines Day?



New Episode! New Bloopers! New Month!

Ah it feels good to release that episode. We were all very excited to get this one out to the public because a lot of our favorite Brock moments are in this episode. Finally we are able to have Brock be a big focus of an episode. In the first time in probably forever, Brock says more than Red. We also have the very rare moments where Red doesn't have every other line, kinda hard to do that with him being the main character and all. What was most fun writing this episode is having complete creative control. Because of this, I had to look up how sonar of a bat actually worked. So in a way The Red Squirtle actually was educational...sorta. It was also quite enjoyable to sit down and think how the gym system actually works. Using a lot of writing and re-writing I was able to come up with...that. I tried my hardest to create a system with the least amount of exploits in it because we all know they do not condone cheaters in Kanto. OBJECTION! You may have noticed we went a little Ace Attorney happy with the music in this episode, but hey those games deserve the love, highly recommend them. All in all there really isn't too much to say about the episode besides that was really fun to write and really fun to record. So today we have prepared to you with a little blog bonus! Here Episode 23's blooper, a little inside look when we record.

Click here to listen to the bloopers!

So last month I asked What posters would Red hang in his room? Let us see what you all said

Logananimeguy said "The poster Red would have in his room would be him with his team on top a mountain of the elite four their pokemon, Blue and his pokemon, and fishy all atop a yellow sun made of bunnies using tailwhip." I'm still trying to picture this, particularly the colors being used...besides yellow. Would it be gritty? would it be bright and colorful? who knows?!

Computerbug said "He would have the 'Red and Blue, both are pokemon' promotion poster that he found in the Celadon department store." I'm sure if he had that, he'd keep saying Red red red red red all the time

Ryan said "Red probably wouldn't put in the effort to hang a poster. So, if there was a poster it would probably be from Brock sneaking into Red's room and putting a poster of himself(Brock) in his best friend's room. So I guess a Brock poster" Then Red would proceed to tear it down and maybe burn it too

B-Rad said "Red would have a poster of the Chocolate Dunkaroo hanging straight up on his wall proudly displayed for all to see" He should hang all of his Halloween Costumes on the wall, im sure it would be a very...interesting site.

Mongo said "Red would have a poster of a bike that said 'It's over 9000 Poke-dollar' " And maybe one day he'll learn to ride a bike.

That wraps up December here as we go into the new year. Happy 2013 everyone, I hope for a safe and healthy new year for you all. From what I hear Taco man has started post-production on Episode 24. We hope to release that in February. So now that the holidays are over, we all have received new equipment. Master of Rock got some really fancy recording device. Taco Man got himself a microphone and I got a camera. I'm sure all of it will contribute to The Red Squirtle in some way. I know how I want to use my camera and we have recently used Master of Rock's new setup.

Have you all been enjoying the new news on Pokemon X and Y? From what it seems the visuals look real impressive and I haven't felt this excited for a Pokemon game since Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I hope to see more information about it soon!

So! Lets go to this month's question. Brock needs help! He needs to develop a new type of Pizza. Help give him some ideas!

See you all soon!