Happy Holidays from the Red Squirtle Staff!

Happy Holidays everyone! To celebrate the holidays, the Red Squirtle staff has put together a holiday episode just for you! Go check it out!

--Taco Man

Episode 8 Trailer

Here's the trailer for Episode 8, it was real fun making another trailer

episode 8 trailer....

Come back later for a special holiday episode later today

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Episode 7: He Never Joined the Army

-Cue tumble weed-

A month had gone by since we recorded the first half to episode 6. While waiting I would be writing scripts for future episodes. Eventually we decided to just go ahead and record episode 7 and come back to 6 later.

This is Brock's fourth non holiday episode appearance. Our team just loves him that much, but he is quickly kicked away by Red...unfortunately Red doesn't like him much. The line...

Brock- Can I at least ask you one question?

When I wrote that...I didn't have a question in mind for him to ask, so your guess is as good as mine. When we get to the man whose TM got stolen, editing this part was really annoying for Taco Man because, both he and Master of Rock were being very quiet (not counting MoR's scream). Later when Red battles the Rocket, you may have noticed a familiar sound effect. Well...it was used in the second half of episode 6 when Squirtle tried to use thunder. That is our new "I don't know how/can't use that move" sound effect. What it is really is a noise maker Taco Man had in his basement. While recording this part, I was both Rocket and Pika-Squirtle. So switching between voices was really tough. I actually had to rerecord Pika-Squirtle's final attack on Drowzee because I accidentally did it in my rocket voice.

Later when Red is fighting Fishy, Pidgy makes one of his rare appearances. Poor guy, gets killed almost instantly. It's amazing that a Magikarp takes out two pokemon within seconds, but no Magikarp is safe from squirtle....though squirtle does get his butt whooped by that fish. I don't blame him, Fishy is a tricky one. For some reason Red thinks of bunnies, while recording that line, I just started cracking up. I couldn't help it, it was just too funny. That was also one heck of a maneuver Red thought of to beat Fishy, that pretty much proves that he can battle seriously against people. For the crunch sound effect, we just took a water bottle and twisted it. It does sound legit, we also used that in technique in episode 3.

FAVORITE LINE TIME- Should I have called the cops on him?

Come back this Friday for the trailer for episode 8...and maybe another suprise as well ;)

Oh! and looking for female voice actor for a future episode. Contact us at redsquirtle1@gmail.com if you are interested. It would make all our lives easier if we could get a girl voice!