And alas, August is here

Hello everyone, Alex here once again to write a monthly thingy, I think it is called a blog post. Jokes aside, I hope you all have been enjoying Red Radio in our time of no Red Squirtle episodes. I do hate leaving you guys with no content at all, so this has been a good alternative. Also as a side note, Taco Man wants everyone to know that he is indeed not a racist, although I don't think anyone thought he was from his yoshi comments made in Red Radio 3. It wasn't serious at all. As for August, we do have another Red Radio planned later this month, as for episodes, we are not sure. Without further ado, I bring to you last months answers for What is Brock's favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mongo said "Rocky Road, he is the Master of Rock, after all." Rocky Road becomes a theme for other answers as well. I totally should have seen that coming

B-Rad said "Brock, being who he is, would not be satisfied with any normal type of ice cream, so he'd make his own: "Pizza Ice Cream" it would be red in color, due to his obsession with Red, and taste like pizza dough!" I don't think Brock is a fan of normal types at all (see what I did there?)

Logananimeguy said "Any Rocky Road if it was dyed with red food coloring" Ah, a twist of the Rocky Road answer

Ryan said "Sock flavored Ice cream topped with cocoa pebbles." This answer reminds me of the Harry Potter jelly beans, with such classic flavors as grass and vomit

finally Tolvan said "Rocky Road, of course. I like Logan's twist, though, so it'll have red velvet cookie dough in it as well." and I'll add chocolate shuckles filled with caramel

Other than that not much else to say about this month. I'll leave you all with a question What other food could become a pokemon? If you don't understand what I mean look up some of the new pokemon. Bye bye!