Happy 2012!

Hello everyone and Happy 2012. I hope you all enjoyed our little crossover new years gift to you. It was fun working with the firegold team and we hope to do it again one day. So did your 2012 begin better than Red's? I sure hope so. As for me....mine was stuck pet sitting alone in a big house...eh oh well I made some money. So let's review the question of Red's top 3 Christmas (or holiday) gifts.

PAPAYA said "3 Pokemon Potions"....I don't think Red even knows what a potion is.

James said "Probably a fancy french hotdog, the new Pokemon games, aaaaaaand a yellow bi-CYCLE"...I see his inspiration comes from Episode 21. I don't think Red would do well with a bike considering his last experience

B-rad said "I would think a glass of water, a bucket of candy and a 7-11 gift card, cause everyone loves 7-11"...OOOOHHHH HEEEEEEEE'S GETTING A GLASS OF WATER! and yes everyone loves 7-11. The Red Squirtle Squad do have fond memories of our 7-11.

and Anonymous said "I think Red would like a money machine, a yellow beard, and to not run into Brock again."....Red would look hilarious with a yellow beard and unfortunatly his last wish didn't come true

So for January, What would Brock's new years resolution be? Leave a comment below and I'll see ya soon