Happy Holidays

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Holiday season. Also did you catch the relaxing Episode H: By The Fire? It was released late last night and you all should listen to it, we all had fun recording it....okay now that you have listened to it, let's talk about it (normally I don't do this for Holiday episodes, but it's been a while since I did a write-up)

Our main goal for this was to create essentially a really relaxed radio show, nothing complex, nothing too loud. I initially came up with the idea of a radio show after I wrote the first segment, I thought "why not write another one.....and another one." With three short scripts, I decided to swing the idea of a radio show over by Taco Man. Instead of having three small individual episodes, we would combine them all and have little blurbs in between each. He liked it and later when Master of Rock found out, he also liked it. In between each segment was a small blurb by us. While recording it, we were also playing the sound of a fireplace. It made editing for Taco Man easier. These blurbs are completely unscripted, but still had order. We would talk in a circle, I would go, then Master of Rock would go, then Taco Man would go, then it would be back to me. We planned this out so everyone would introduce a segment and welcome everyone back from a segment. While it is unscripted, we did plan what we wanted to say, like the rhyming right before the first segment, the change of subject to the Christmas carols, or the stories of Christmas morning. We also wanted to do this to work on our unscripted skills because we tried an unscripted episode once and it didn't go well.

Our first segment was what I like to call the Dr. Seuss segment, since that was what I had in mind while writing all of these rhymes. The second segment was our big musical number and what called it, The 12 Days of Brockmas. I got the idea of this when I was in one of my boring classes. Every week I go to that class I need to do something to keep me awake, so that week I decided to write the 12 Days of Brockmas. I knew I had to start writing the entire song when I came up with the line "On the first day of Christmas my best friend got for me." My very original idea was to have Brock do the entire song, but when I got to the fourth day, I decided it would be a lot funnier if Red sang with him. I tweaked the song a bit and added Red to the mix. Later after I typed up the song, I needed to find a good instrumental of the song, I found a lot of instrumentals that liked doing their own thing and wasn't usable for my version. Luckily I did find one that was basic and slow Using that song, I made a few tweaks to the script and WAHLAH! we have the final product. When recording this segment, we each had headphones on while singing it. Even though I wasn't singing, I still had headphones on to make sure everything went right. The final segment, which I called Christmas Morning, happened to be the last I write. For this segment, I wanted to capture the excitement of Christmas morning from the perspective of Red, who essentially is a little boy. For the first and last segments, you may have noticed we opted out of using music from Pokemon, instead we went for 8-bit versions of other Christmas Carols. Taco Man told me it would ruin the flow if we used Pokemon music, so he found really cool 8-bit versions of Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Jingle Bell Rock and it really did make it flow better.

So enough of Christmas, let's go back to Thanksgiving. So what was Red thankful for? well...

ComputerBug said "Well let's see... I believe Red is thankful for pokemon, candy, holidays and, of course, the color yellow." Well he hit the jackpot. That is all stuff Red loves

AnGeRfUrY Walsh said "I think red is thankful for how easy blue is to beat. Also. I was listening to the episodes and in Pokemon tower blue actually does have a reason to be there. His raticate died... Because of red" and later said "Red is grateful for rainbows....yup. Rainbows and ice cream." Red should be thankful that Blue is easy. I sometimes found him hard in the games! and yes we are familiar with that theory, I love pokemon theories. I can also see Red being distracted by a rainbow...I wonder if he would try to eat the Vanillite family...

Ryan said "Squirtle(flangerhangendangendurgen), Squirtle(Pikachu), the color Yellow, Great Balls The sun being yellow(not orange), his "money machine", the fact that trix(or tricks) are for kids, that he has other people writing down what he's thankful for so he doesn't have to, that Squirtle finally mastered Ice Beam, his saw, and of course, BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If I was Red in pokemonlandworld...Id be soo thankful for that saw, no one wants Cut.

Logananimeguy said "I know what red is thankful for its being able to barge into peoples houses kill their pokemon, that there are only 151 pokemon not 251, 493, or 649 pokemon, also he is thankful for messing up growlithe (but im sure he will ge for thankfulwhen he can fully understand it" and later said "Oh yeah i just remembered he is grateful for that he does not have toclimb a mountain in another region for another 3 years then get his a#$ kicked by gold (maybe)" When I told Red about the mountain he replied with"...what?"

Mongo said "Red is thankful for Squirtle's five star name, Pidgey, his name, the color yellow, running in circles, growlithe's über glitch, AMERICAAAaaa..., game shows, cities and islands gyms, his bi-CYCLE, that other move, getting' a glass of water, his show...... Oh and getting his special day off at the anniversary episode." I think he enjoyed his day off a whole lot! He needed it, we over work the poor guy.

B-Rad said "Red is thankful for his dead pidgey and his great friend brock"  Sorry...Red crossed that out...

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and a great New Year. This remainder of the month's question is What poster would Red have hanging in his room? I look forward to all of your answers and have a great day!



Halloween was AWESOME!

Hey friends! It's me, BROCK!!!! and you gave me a bunch of Halloween suggestions that I couldn't choose just one. So I did them all! I'll tell you of my experience with each.

So I began the day dressed as ComputerBug's suggestion as a yellow squirtle in high hopes that Red will love me more. So I went to his house and I couldn't find him. I got worried. I was yelling "RED! REEEED! RED!" but then these guys threw some pokeballs at me thinking I was a pokemon...pokeballs hurt.

So next I dressed up as Ryan's suggestion, Roark. Since I've never heard of the guy I assumed what he meant was a Kadabra that knows roar. So I got my clothing together and went outside and started roaring. I thought it would be funny to run into my work and start to yell. So I ra in roaring and some girl punched me in the face....her fist hurt. Oh and how I read these comments? I have a program that reads words out loud for me!

So next I went as Logananimeguy's suggestion as Red as the chocolate dunkaroo. I had a hard time figuring out what a chocolate dunkaroo meant. So I asked my friend me what it could be. I said to myself "chocolate syrup." Outside of my gym I filled a pool with chocolate syrup and dunked myself in. Soon after I got out a bunch of Ratatta came out and started gnawing me because I attracted them with my scent. Ratattas hurt....

Next I went as thewals' suggestion as a Magikarp! I wasn't that smart and I forgot to put a spot for my feet, so I couldn't walk. So I splashed around looking for Red to cheer him up! During all this, a guy ran up to me with huge net and trapped me! I was trying to tell him it was a costume but he wouldn't listen! He then dropped me in a tank with other Magikarps. I had a hard time breathing. I was able to get out by smashing the tank enough to break it open. I then hopped out of the house but I tripped on a tree branch and hurt my arm. Tree branches hurt.... Also PS means Post-script? I always thought it meant perceive soon. So pss would be perceive soon soon and so on....whoopsies

After that incident, I went with AnGeRfUrY Walsh's suggestion of either a Vulpix or a Chansey...I couldn't decide between the two so I made a Chanpix...or a Vulpsey....I'll go with Vulpsey. I figured Red must be trick or treating at Celadon City. So I strolled into the city and this one guy from across some water swam over to me and tried to feed me a disk. He kept saying "This red Chansey will learn softboiled. I've been waiting here all my life to teach a Chansey this move and FINALLY one comes by" I yelled at him that this was a costume and it took a few minutes for him to comprehend what I was saying. He started crying so I walked over to him to help cheer him up. In a fit of rage, he pushed me. I fell into the water and hit my shoulder on the edge of the pool. Pool edges hurt....

A little later I went with Mongo's suggestion! I went to my work and got in our Snorelax costume there. As I was leaving, my boss stopped me and said "Oh, working for free for a little bit? That'll be great Brock" I tried to explain to him that it was a halloween costume....but he still forced me to stay. So I was out dancing around in my costume then a kid walked up to me. He was dressed like Lance! So I gave him an apple and he just threw it at my head and left without one word! Apples hurt...

After I got out of work, I looked at Magoona's suggestion and Magoona was suggesting someone really cool. I mean dress as a guy who is a gym leader, a pizza guy, and a viking?! How much cooler can you get? And so for an hour I did what Magoona said! Gave out badges, delivered pizza and be a viking....but then I realized something....I was being me! So I had to go back and plan some more. Also Magoona asked a question from the last post so I'll answer it now.

My compadre Magoona asked "Brock, how are you the "Master" of rock? If you're the best rock type trainer, then rock type trainers must be pathetic. By the way, I'd like a Large Pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and a large Dr. Pepp-I mean oak. A large Dr. Oak."

I'm the master because my grandmother said I was when I was a small boy! I liked to play with rocks when I was little. There are worse rock trainers then me!...just you haven't met anyone....also we don't have Dr. Oak we only have Kabutopsi....sorry.

While thinking of my next Idea a cool guy named Buried Alive to meet him at lavender town. He said something about eating Red....so that must mean he and Red went out for dinner. So I headed to Lavender Town and wanted to meet up with him and Red...I wondered why he said he was lonely...he did have Red there. When I got there I couldn't find him! Completely gone! which was unfair because I wanted to find Red the entire day and couldn't! Well...maybe next time. This has been Brock See you all later!

Phew...Brock likes to write a lot. Let's see if I can get someone else to do the questions for me. I hope everyone in the north-east that got affected by Sandy is doing alright.We live in New Jersey, but since we live very west New Jersey, we hardly got affected. It was much worse in other places and we all give our hearst to those affected. If you guys haven't checked it out yet. Firegold's Halloween episodes are really good. I highly suggest listening to those. As for Red Squirtle News...November and December are the roughest school months so don't expect a new episode til the holidays. However, I am also planning some more things. I wish I could say, but you'll just have to see! This months question is What is Red thankful for? Looking forward to your responses, as always. Soo you soon



Happy October!

Hello everyone. I hope you liked the anniversary episode. We had a fun time recording it. We also alluding to the fact that The Red Squirtle is just a show and Red and the cast are just actors. On to Red Squirtle news. We have the next episode in the works and we will try to get it out by the end of the month. Also remember to check out Pokemon Firegold and their adventures through the gold and silver series. Okay time to pass it over to Brock....take it away Brock


HELLO FRIENDS! I'm Brock! What's your name?...oh wait you can't respond to me... But you did leave me questions! So let's dive right into that!

My buddy Ryan asked "Hey, Brock, I have 2 questions. I'm the master of water, so I know what skill is necessary to be the master of an element. However, you have no skill whatsoever, and you lose every battle, yet you call yourself the master of rock. Do all other rock users somehow battle worse than you, or are you the only rock type user? Also, have you ever actually made anyone eat a sock?"

Umm well.... being funny story about the master of rock thing.... I umm...well made it up. I didn't think anyone was the master of an element! I'm sorry! As for the sock thing....no...BUT i fed myself a sock once! does that count?!...okay next question

My pal Logananimeguy asked "Brock aisde from Red what is your favorite thing in Kanto and how do you get from place to place so fast all you have is a graveler and a onix you don't have a flying type or psychic type?"

My favorite thing in Kanto (besides my best buddy Red) is how crime free and loving the entire country is! As for the transportation, I use a few different methods. Sometimes I use my Onix to dig tunnels. Sometimes I walk. Sometimes I hitch a ride with someone going to that area. How ever I've been saving my money for something really nice! I hope to get it soon.

My friend ComputerBug asked "What specials do you have this month at that pizza restaurant of which you work?"

This month we have spooky themed foods! We have Orange Pizza with ghastly sauce, which is just something a little spicy. We also have "Cursed" fries, which is just chili and cheese and some ghostly hot sauce. We are also working on the Trick or Treat Pie, which will be a dessert Pizza with marshmallows, candy corn, and strawberries! It's very very yummy!

My good chum Brian asked "What's your favorite kind of sauce?"

This is a tough one.... I really like the tomato-y taste of ember sauce. I really like the spice of flamethrower sauce. I love the basil filled razor leaf sauce. oooh the choice is hard.....I choose all of them!

My mate Dylan asked "Why do you keep following red when he obviously does not want to be your best friend?"

Wha-? Why are you lying to me? Me and Red are obviously best buddies., He just...has a odd sense of humor! Thats all!!...next question I hope this next one cheers me up

My comrade Mongo asked "So Brock, hmm where to begin? Why do you want 'revenge' on Red? Why do you think you're still a Viking if they do t care about you? 'Climbed a mountain in Johto and never came back'? What's a Johto? Are you manager at Snorlax Pizzashop? Why did you end up in jail with Red? How come you can't open your eyes? Are they glued shut with stucco? Or are you just blind? Why do you want to be Red's friend if he obviously hates you? That is all. Have a good day"

Woah...that's a lot of questions. I wanted revenge because that night all I was thinking was about our battle...it didn't feel justified because I did nothing! Maybe I should have used the word rematch...
I knew it began with an R.I though i was a Viking because....umm I dunno. They gave me a pokemon! That's like viking initiation or something. Well Johto is another region and I thought Red got lost there!! No....I'm not a manager.... Well to make more money I started a baseball league and boys and girls look so alike. Because they were so young I was helping them put thier uniforms on and someone thought something else and well...I ended up in jail....My eyes were never able to open... It is kinda like I have my eye lids sewed down or something. I hope one day to fix that. What is stucco? RED DOESN'T HATE ME! HE DOESN'T...oh sorry...I didn't mean to yell. He just has his own sense of humor! He does not, I repeat, DOES NOT hate me....have a good day too.

My bro PAPAYA asked "Hello, Brock! Who is your daddy, and what does he do? Don't you ever get tired of giving out SO many badges daily? What's your biggest pet peeve? Who's your favorite Pokemon? And, what are your thoughts on the rumors that, in Lavender Town, there is a crazy, deranged, meat-craving freak who challenges Red to a battle and, with the help of his Muk, Gengar, and two White Hand Pokemon things, wins the battle and brutalizes Red in a very horrifying image with a caption on the bottom that reads "GAME OVER"?

P.S. Carl still wants his Snorlax Pizza Man deal that you discussed with him earlier this year."

My dad? He was once the gym leader at Pewter city. He went off to do bigger and better things or so he said...Well not completly, handing out badges isnt a terrible thing...just I always run out of them...My biggest pet peeve is when someone is not nice to Red. I can't stand it! Everyone should be nice to him! My favorite pokemon is Zubat because everyone loves zubats!...what? WHAT?! I HAVE TO GO SAVE HIM FROM THAT! OOHHH I HOPE IM NOT TOO LATE! I kinda dont get the caption thing but I have to save him!........I just ran to Lavender town and back...they said its not real and I should stop believing everything I hear... Carl should come to the Pizza bed and get it! I'll be glad to give him some pizza.

My amigo ComputerBug..again! asked "OH! Also, what toppings would you recommend.

P.S. GamerGuyMan says hi."

My favorite topping is Venasaur buds. They had a nice flavor that compliments the pizza well. Also good are chansey eggs. It is hard to describe the taste but trust me it is good. Hello GamerGuyMan!!

Finally, my companion AnGeRfUrY asked "Hi Brock. What do you think of blue? Will you be my friend? I'm the master of leaf types does that mean if I punch you it will be super effective? Is red really your best friend? From AnGeRfUrY"

Blue seems like a nice guy, a little sour at times, but I think he has a great big heart! YEAH I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND :D Well...I'm not made of rock so it'll just hurt. Red is really my best friend! HOW CLEAR DO I NEED TO MAKE IT?! We are the best of friends!

Thank you guys for the awesome questions! For this month I'm wondering What should I, Brock, Be for Halloween! Let me know because I need an idea!



Oh look a month went by

Hello everyone, how is it going?....oh that's good....Hahaha me too, I know how you feel. In fact the other day I...huh? what?...ooh that. yyyeeeaaah uhh, we couldn't quite reach our goal.....yeah I know we promised.....yes I know you're scared that we'll be away again for another 10 months, but we're gonna try and not let that happen.

In all seriousness the goal couldn't be completed due to complications.  We can safly say we recorded upto episode 27. TWENTY-SEVEN . Plus the anniversary episode (be on the look out for that this month) We'll be doing more recording soon and hopefully releasing more episodes, we have also come up with some cool ideas to do with the series over the summer and we hope we can implement them as soon as I get enough money. Be on the look out for that eventually on our Youtube page (but that may take a long time to get to).  Other than that, let us review August's question/scenario, It's 9:57 A.M. School starts at 10:00 A.M.  Red forgot to do his homework and has to solve the problem: Find x. 2x=6. He doesn't have enough time to think about it. What will he write down for his answer?

ComputerBug said "I believe that it is a trick question. As red stated did not even go to preschool. Buuuuuut, he probably wrote yellow is the answer because x is a letter, y is after x, y is the first letter to the word yellow, I LIKE THE COLOR YELLOW, so that's the answer."

Well I don't think the teacher will accept that answer

Mongo said "Seven!"

I'm sure the teacher will give points for trying

PAPAYA said" Uh...Squirtle"

The teacher looks at Red disappointingly

Ryan said "Knowing Red's luck, even though it isn't a gameshow, he probably would see that there are 3 numbers/letters in the equation and put that number down as his answer, not realizing that it was actually the correct answer. Although how he got into highschool, is a complete mystery seeing as he never went to pre-school."

"Wow Red I'm impressed, you're showing signs of improvement"

B-rad said "Think like a smart person... BUNNIES!!"

When  I first listened to the episode with that line, I completely forgot about it, when I heard it said, I proceeded to spit water because it's so random and very Red

Logananimeguy said "Red would say; Wait why am I in school when I should be trying to get back to lavender town to then get to that new town"

Haha seems like someone wants the next episode to come out

So for this month, I'm gonna do something a bit different...here take it away, Brock. Hello friends! The creators of the show have been kind enough to let me use their blog. So I want you guys to Ask me, Brock, anything you'd like to know!



July...no wait August!

Hello everyone, first of all sorry for no July post. I guess I got a bit lazy heh heh. Besides the point, I'm back writing for you guys and giving a small update. As you may notice our summer progress bar is slowly moving and we might not reach our full goal by the end of august like we wanted to, but we'll try to get as much done. This summer turned out to be a lot busier than we anticipated. What I originally wanted to do with the July post was do something with all of your answers, but we couldn't finish it in time. Perhaps one day we'll get around to that.  Well, let's review last post's question of How do you think Red will get back to Fuscia City?...well more like actually get to it because technically he never made it there.

Mongo said "Knowing you guys you won't let him take the easy way and fly to lavender town and then bike the rest of the way, no too easy. I predict that episode will basicly be a montage (well, audio montage) of caves, zubats, the gym leaders, Brock, yelling, battling, a game show or two maybe, more Brock... Poor red, bikers, biking/crashing and lastly... A 'Ghastly Attack'!!!"

When I read that I thought it would be really funny to either take clips from older episodes or just take all the episodes in between and fast forward it by x1000000

Waterboy11 said "............ Growlithe is gonna grow wings and fly him there:)"

Yup, i could see growlithe doing that, but would Red think of that?

Ryan said "I hope Red re-catches fishy, surfs to the Power Plant, catches Zapdos, and flys back"

Wouldn't Red be quite the powerful trainer with those two at his side? That would make for one interesting episode. Episode 23: The Day I Caught a Fish and a Bird

PAPAYA said "A familiar person arrives in a car. He notices Red seems down. He asks Red what's wrong. Red says that he has to go all the way back to Lavender to reach Fuscia for losing to Fishy. The man then tells him that this car will give him a chance to correct his mistakes if he reaches a certain number of miles an hour. Red does so and finds himself back in the battle with Fishy. This time, Red adjusts to Fishy's tactics and wins, thus never going back to the PokeCenter next to Mt. Moon."

hm....this sounds a bit familiar, but I would never want to see Red drive a car.

Logananimeguy said " Red uses a dead pidgey to fly over Mt. Moon and he finds his bike he ask's a person to teach him he quickly learns how then he barrels through Rock Tunnel the goes to Celadon city and in the dead of night Red goes to an empty cycling road he goes down it then arrives in fuschia city vowing to capture Fishy in his next encounter"

Ah yes the logic of pokemon games. Even though the pokemon is knocked out, you can still use it to fly. Everytime I read this response I always get a cinematic picture in my head of Red biking through a city with a full moon lingering above his head.

B-rad said "How will Red get to fuscia city? Obviously he will see Ho-Oh and then ask for a ride back!"


Matt said "Obviously, he will happen by all the legendaries having their annual MT.moon picnic, and the something ridiculous happens, ending in him miraculously/illogically arriving in Fusia, with no memory of the event, or clothes. Hey, legendary pokemon need clothing too!

Yeah, its totally either that, or he walks/flies..."

Either the Hangover happens or he just walks. If I had a choice to write either that one or the other, I think the episode would end up being called Episode 23: The Legendary Party

Thank you all for the numerous responses. We all love reading them. Now that summer is coming to an end, let's throw a school related question for you all. It's 9:57 A.M. School starts at 10:00 A.M.  Red forgot to do his homework and has to solve the problem: Find x. 2x=6. He doesn't have enough time to think about it. What will he write down for his answer?

Alrighty then. See you all soon.



Hello June

Hello Red Squirtle fans! 7 days ago we finally released Episode 22: Something Smells...Fishy. Let's talk about it a bit. Yes the return of Fishy happened. Lots of hard work went into this episode, especially editing wise. Lot of sound effects were used. A lot of over dubbing were necessary to give the effect that a lot of magikarp were there. I hope you all liked that. One of my favorite magikarp is the one that yells "MAGIKAAAAARP" It is one of the most distinct magikarps yells. I really enjoyed what I call "16-bit metal." When Fishy evolves music from Yoshi's Island is played.

So for the first time, Growlithe tastes defeat which, up until this point, seemed impossible. Do not underestimate Fishy.Red then sends his Pikachu... that might not have been the best idea out there. Gets dragon raged in the face. Much like the anime, we make dragon rage waaaay more powerful than it is supposed to be. In the games it does 40 hp of damage....here it destroys EVERYTHING. Even the mighty Squirtle couldn't hold up against Fishy and Fishy beats Red...hard.

All in all, there really weren't too many things to discuss. I felt everything was self explanatory. I hope you all enjoyed the return of Fishy and I hope you all will be looking forward to the next episode. We are not sure when it will be released. It all depends on how many episodes we finish. We do have it recorded however.

Let's take a look at episode 30 predictions!

Brian said "I predict Episode 30 will be the 15 year anniversary of Red Squirtle" and to be honest doesn't sound too far off from what I think.

PAPAYA said "Red should be on his way to the Pokemon League by then, I think." Hm, if Red sprints I suppose

RSamp;amp;FGlover (as blogger puts it) said "I think Red will be trying to get the Seafoam Islands and realize that, somehow, by going through the sea route, in the place where Growlithe is weakest, Growlithe is struggling to keep his uber glitch. Should he fail, Growlithe loses his uber glitch and goes back to level 15! oh the suspense!!!" Interesting prediction there I have thought about seafoam and the powerplant. Don't you guys worry.

Waterboy11 said "Red finally meets a legendary but passes out and has to keep trying to catch it without fainting over and over." Again, I do have the legendary Pokemon in mind.

B-rad said "Red will make his way the the power plant, complain about how far out of the way it was, accidentally defeat zapdos but then joke about how it re appears when you walk back in! (at least I remember something like that, it's been awhile since I've played blue; maybe its when you run away and come back...)" and it wouldnt be complete without someone predicting Zapdos. Red will be going to all the areas where he could encounter a legendary.

As for a question this month How do you think Red will get back to Fuscia City?

Also I think I have a good idea what episode 30 will be about :D



Summer plans

Hello everyone, let's talk about the summer. We want to release more episodes. This month we will try to get episode 22 out. Also we will try to stock pile a bunch of episodes that we can release during the next school year. It will be a very Red Squirtle Summer. Our goal by the end of August is to have 7 to 9 episodes done. This way we can focus on school while keeping up with Red Squirtle. It's a win-win situation for everyone. We also feel Red Squirtle is neglected, so we want to fix that and finally complete Red Squirtle. With this plan in action we can go back to making trailers and more blog post other than the monthly ones I do.

I made this lil' fill bar. Keeping track of our work. I'll keep this updated as we go on

Question! Predict what episode 30 will be about. Even I am not completely sure, I haven't written that far yet.  See you all soon!



Better late than never :D

Hey guys it's April :D
also final projects and end-o-semester work aren't fun. Three weeks til my summer break starts.


Yeah I really don't have much to say here. The next real episode is in mid-editing but (due to end-o-semester work) probably wont be finished til May.
Question of the month!
uhh...How's your...April?

WOOHOO I guess school is sucking the creativity outta me!



Say Joplin Cheese!

Hello fans and (finally) we uploaded something. It's a long listen but it should remind you of Red Squirtle! Down below, post Master of Rock's Final Grade! remember, be critical! Pretend you are a 30 year old music teacher who knows NOTHING about The Red Squirtle. Enjoy, I hope you liked it!



How I write a Red Squirtle episode

Now for something new! I have a free night, so I will try my best to explain how I write an episode of The Red Squirtle. On my Red version, I have my Red Squirtle file, where I follow (almost) everything Red does. I have all his pokemon (with some HM slaves) and I only use Squirtle, Squirtle (Pikachu), and Growlithe (unfortunately not uber-glitched)

 For this explanation, I'm gonna use Episode 14: Saucy! as an example. All of our episodes begin with an explanation of what happened in the last episode. In most episodes (including this one) I like to open with an unrelated funny bit. Here is what we did...

Red- So…you dragged me out of there?
Squirtle- Squirtle
Red- Ah…okay. That solves that plot hole. Thanks flanger hanger danging durgen
Squirtle-…Squirtle(kinda quiet)
Red- Excuse me?
Squirtle- SQUIRTLE
Red- Flanger hanging danging durgen…is something bothering you?
Squirtle- Squirtle!
Red- You don’t like your five star name?
Squirtle- Squirtle!
Red- Oh…I didn’t know
Squirtle- Squirtle!
Red- I’m…I’m sorry
Squirtle- (sniff sniff) Squirtle (crying like)
Red- I didn’t think it would hurt you so much. I hope that one day you’ll forgive me
Squirtle- Squirtle(no)
Red- Fine….if you want it that way…I’ll leave…..and scene! Flanger hanger dangen durgen, if we ever get our own serious show, we will get such high ratings
Red- oh…you still want to change your name?
Squirtle- Squirtle
Red- oh okay
 I feel doing this is a good way to get into the story of the episode, so you don't begin too heavy. Soon after, Red goes off on a new path, this is where I start going on online guides as well as my Red Squirtle file for information about the new area. In this case, there are a bunch of trainers. Here I'll have either a battle or a small bit of dialogue. Here I just chose a lot of dialogue with various people

Red- I swear that pathway wasn’t there before…
Guy1- Hey no shoving
Girl1- I need my space
Guy2- really? You need that much room?
Girl2- maybe if you lost a few pounds you would get more room
Red- Hello people in a line!....whatcha doing in a line in the corner where no one walks and some people are facing a wall…
Guy3- ummm…waiting for people to walk infront of us…
Red-…yeah I don’t think any sane person will walk up there
Guy4- like what you are starting to do
So Red made it to a new city, I'll spend a lot of time walking around the city, talking to people, deciding what Red should do. This is where I really get into what the episode is about. Here, Red goes through the pokemon mansion and gets the Eevee, which he finds out later, is very saucy. So the episode is focused on Red going into a new city and getting the Eevee. What better way to introduce a pokemon than a battle? I look around and find a battle Red could get into without the battle lasting too long. I look on the online guide and find a medium sized battle around 3 or 4 pokemon. I found a gambler with poliwags/whirl.

Battles can be hard to write for. If its just attack then attack then attack, it can be boring. Looking back to older episodes, I did not perform the art of comedic battling well. I think in this episode it is done fairly well especially since we did something completely unexpected, the singing part. This helps keep the audiences attention. So Red wins and I decided I accomplished what I was going for in this episode. So I let the announcer summarize the episode and give a small hint to the next episode and I call it a night. I'll come back to the episode later a few times, read it out loud by myself and make sure everything sounds right. I'll make changes if I need to (which pretty much is 100% of the time) After a few revisions, I send it over to the others, if they catch anything I change it and resend it. Also right before recording, we do a read through as a group and if any else needs to be changed, it is.

Hope this gave you a small insight on how I write the episodes, I thought this was fun to write. See y'all later!


And here rolls March

First I would like to say sorry we didn't have anything up yet, Taco Man had a lot of projects to do.  This month we will definitely have something up. I promise!

Next! lets go over the date question of February. How would a date between Red and Misty or Red and Erika be like?

This month got some very interesting responses, let us go!

B-rad thinks it'd be like this... "All I know is there would be a LOT of yelling and singing and Red would want to eat chocolate... lots of chocolate"
Twinkle twinkle little star...

Ryan says "Well, a date with Misty would probably end up in a huge argument on wheather the sun is yellow, or if it is in fact orange...........And a date with Erika, well, if Red was upset from the Pokemart selling drugs for Pokemon, it would end really badly, not to mention Red having to put up with Erika's "lovely" singing of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.....Red would probably have more fun with Brock."
Suggesting he'd like Brock more? that maybe a tad much

Annony thinks that "Since Misty is mad at Red for losing to him because of That Other Move and Erika thinks he is a one-year old, Red should bring his Pidgey with him since it has a lot of fury and can roast his opponent's onions easily if Misty wants revenge or if Erika starts annoying him by singing, that or he can fly away when he becomes bored after 5 seconds."
Honestly...I can see that happen

PAPAYA ponders "I have a hunch that both dates would end with a certain blue squirrel/turtle creature using a certain other move."
He thinks this would end in a complete disaster and...I could see that happening as well

James simply said "SO MUCH HORRIBLE NOISE"
I do agree

ComputerBug says "Huh, that's a thinker. I would say that Red would order the veal at a resturant on a date with Erika. Erika would then get mad at him for eating a baby Tauros and that would somehow turn into another parody of a game show where Brock would shave of all his hair, then kill Zapper so that he may be the host of "Veal or no Veal" (note: I am very messed up tonight). A date with Misty would probably end with both blood, starfish, beards, and oatmeal. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!"
....veal or no veal. Veal or no veal. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh I do love that pun

while finally Tolvan makes a prediction about the next episode

Great turn out for last month! It was very entertaining reading them all.

This month I ask something a little more serious. Would you like to see the blog more active and if so what kind of content would you like to see on the blog? Give me suggestions because I'd like to do more stuff relating to The Red Squirtle.



February...that certainly is a month

Hello Red Squirtle fans, honestly not too much has been going on. So lets dive into Brock's New Years Resolution.

-Our good friend PAPAYA said "To be Snorlax Pizza Man's Employee of the Year." I wonder if Brock is a good employee.
-Another good friend of ours, Anon, said "I think Brock wants to train endlessly so he can become the Champion, or at least become strong enough to take Bruno's place in the Elite Four so he can gain respect from everyone and most importantly Red." Red and respect? HA good one.
-Another good chap of ours, James, said "Well that's a pretty obvious one. He wants to finally get Red to love him! Or at least defeat him in a battle. Maybe both." I think the second would come before the first and we all know the second would never happen.
- Of course another great friend of ours, B-Rad, said "To not get thrown in jail again!" I'd say that's a good resolution
- And finally, we have another good friend, Ryan, who said "To open his eyes!" well if that happened, the world would explode.

Any Red Squirtle news? well...I'll say this. We are going to release something this month. If that doesn't happen. Yell at Taco Man :D

Hmm...this month is the month that has that one day called Valentines Day! How would a date between Red and Misty or Red and Erika be like? I have a one word answer for both. Disaster. See you all later



Happy 2012!

Hello everyone and Happy 2012. I hope you all enjoyed our little crossover new years gift to you. It was fun working with the firegold team and we hope to do it again one day. So did your 2012 begin better than Red's? I sure hope so. As for me....mine was stuck pet sitting alone in a big house...eh oh well I made some money. So let's review the question of Red's top 3 Christmas (or holiday) gifts.

PAPAYA said "3 Pokemon Potions"....I don't think Red even knows what a potion is.

James said "Probably a fancy french hotdog, the new Pokemon games, aaaaaaand a yellow bi-CYCLE"...I see his inspiration comes from Episode 21. I don't think Red would do well with a bike considering his last experience

B-rad said "I would think a glass of water, a bucket of candy and a 7-11 gift card, cause everyone loves 7-11"...OOOOHHHH HEEEEEEEE'S GETTING A GLASS OF WATER! and yes everyone loves 7-11. The Red Squirtle Squad do have fond memories of our 7-11.

and Anonymous said "I think Red would like a money machine, a yellow beard, and to not run into Brock again."....Red would look hilarious with a yellow beard and unfortunatly his last wish didn't come true

So for January, What would Brock's new years resolution be? Leave a comment below and I'll see ya soon