No trailer this week

We are still trying to get back into our normal schedule after our long break. But this weekend we will have the episode up (unless something goes wrong...again)!


Episode 15 and 16 are up!

Hey guys, it was nice to finally release new episodes again. Sorry for the wait, but now we are on track again. Let's begin with Episode 15: Friendly Feud. I call this episode the "problem episode". After the introduction of Brock, I had severe writer's block and couldn't come up with ideas. That's when the 2 week delay kicked in. During those 2 weeks Taco Man helped me come up with ideas and eventually got the episode done as well as 16 and recorded 16. On the second week, the week we originally wanted it release it we got everyone over to actually record the episode, we got it recorded fully, so I thought we would have no more problems after that....but we did -_- Since I wasn't in the same state at the time, we couldn't fix it. Until last Friday where we finally fixed our problems. Then we fixed the error and finished editing as well as finish up 16 and release them both.

Let's move onto the actual episode. In the beginning, Red has another talk with the Announcer. If you payed attention, he basically said what happened last episode (SHH don't tell him). The whole rant that Red was explaining in the beginning, was just something I noticed that the anime does. If you pay attention to the anime, pikachu always says something after ash that has no real purpose what-so-ever. I included that to tell the world.

The advice guy from the gym is a heavy gambler, as you can tell he was in a hurry to play more and very crudely told him advice. Of course I had to make fun of the oldman outside of the gym. During the planning of this episode, I wanted to give Erika a heavy smoker kinda voice.

In this episode I actually made Red kinda smart, he knew that none of his pokemon is good against grass, so he wanted to get out of this battle. Good thing Brock came to interrupt as well as tell Erika some secret gym code thingy to play a game of.....FRIENDLY FEUD! I thought that for this episode we should do another gameshow instead of a battle, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do for the next one yet.

The part with the nozzle is a from one of my personal favorite shows, The Venture Brothers, so I wanted to include that and of course Red's # 1 & 2 best friends are both Brock with Oak in third...Red really needs to make some friends.

This episode is the only episode that Red doesn't have half the lines, It was mostly me and Master or Rock, mostly Master of Rock. Oh and I hope you enjoyed Erika singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". It is always fun to revive the "AMERICA-A-A-a-a-a" Thing.

We then move onto the actual game with the first question "Name a pokemon that evolves with a moon stone" and of course Red's team steals the win on that one. Then question # 2 "Name a gym badge"...I also like to call this episode "Make fun of Brock episode" because we make fun of him so much in this episode, so in our continuing effort to make fun of him, we made sure his gym badge was not in the top 7 answers. The whole thing with the mispronunciation of congrats is because in the script I typed "congrates" so Master of Rock said it like that. In the end Red gets the steal and wins the game.

FAVORITE LINE TIME....okay more like LINES:
Zapper- alright then. Now that we met everyone let’s begin the game. Red, Erika. We surveyed 100 trainers. Top 4 answers Name a pokemon that evolves-
Red- lickitung
Zapper- with a moon stone. Is lickitung up there?

I love this one especially because Red said a pokemon that didn't evolve at the time period this game takes place in.

Let's move onto Episode 16: Where the Money is Made. In the begining I needed a reason for Red to go back in the Rockte game corner....so I just had him decide that he was never in there. I hope everyone appreciated my DBZ reference I put in there. In the first rocket battle, I decided to joke with the changing out pokemon thing you are allowed to do in the game. He tries to battle with eevee and...it worked!?!?! of course only when it was confused. Red ends up winning and starts his way down into the Rocket Hideout.....or as he would like to call it the money factory.

Later at the second battle he meets a rocket that sends out all his pokemon at once and being a good trainer, Red did not do that same. However he did end up winning when squirtle finally used icebeam again followed by the awesome sounding water gun. When the rocket says


it's actually a reference to the Japanese trying to translate pokemon into English. This was Green version and the move tackle was called "Go all out" so I decided to throw that reference in :D

Not much has happened in this episode or at least not much to explain. In the end, we did cut Red's line on purpose, you will hear the rest later.

FAVORITE LINE TIME: Rocket2-…why’d we let him go further down? Isn’t our job to not let intruders go forward?

Come back this weekend for the btrailer....maybe...I hope we can do one this week.