Hello everyone Alex here to give you a little update on the current situation of Red Squirtle. First order of business, you may have noticed that the new anniversary episode is out. Well I edited that episode. We are officially announcing that I am the editor of Red Squirtle episodes. Once I get my hands on all the raw recordings, I can start pumping them out quicker. So after waiting months and months and months, episode 24 can finally come out this month (granted that the recording isn't lost). I also have anniversary bloopers coming out soon too. I hope you all enjoyed Anniversary 4. It has been a very fun and kinda slow series, but we are so happy that you all are sticking around for us. We also want to thank team firegold's PAPAYA for lending his vocal chords to us. Also later this month we will be giving you guys our Red Radio about the release of X and Y. We will tell the good, the bad, and the ugly. It will be honest critique, but I can say that we are all enjoying it. Lastly, lets look at the last question I asked which was What other food could become a pokemon? and this time we had a small  outcome let's look

Mongo said "A peppermint perhaps? Or a ground/grass carrot pokemon? What if they made a Rare Candy pokemon?? They have Voltorb/Amunguss so it kinda makes sense. Kinda. Not really." Is it bad I kinda like the idea of a peppermint pokefolk?

Ryan said "If they make another food based Pokémon, my guess would probably be a candy cane. I don't know why, but I feel like Nintendo would do something like that. It would be Ice/Fairy....and its weakness would be Munchlax" again, I like the idea of a minty fresh pokemon. I'm not sure why

B-rad said "Ah, the next food Pokemon would be a three evo with a mega evo. the first is a simple drop of water, i guess kinda like castform, then the 2nd evo is a glass plus the drop of water, so like magnamite, meets castform meets klank from b/w. The third evo combines the glass and water and glass to make a lone glass of water. Now for the Mega Evo. Glassofwater's mega evo would be silly but deal tons of damage. his mega evo transforms the small glass of water into a full blown water park complete with wave pool, slides, and a 5 star hotel. Boom i win the internet" If i could draw, i would draw this. You can pick up your internet tomorrow morning.

Other than that we are done for this month. As for the question...it wont be a question per say instead Tell me what you think of Pokemon X and Y. PAPAYA you are banned from this question if you decide to answer it. I know you opinion very well. Have a great October everyone and remember to be the chocolate dunkaroo on the 31st. G'day everyone