Merry Holiday!

Hello everyone, man I've been quiet lately. Sorry everyone, I've been busy with school and blah blah blah. You don't care much about that. Also I think X and Y took away from me updating the blog. On a side note I finished it. I hope you all enjoyed our impressions of X and Y. There are a few things we did forget to bring up. The music! The music, man! How could we forget? We all liked it. My favorite track was Lumious City. Master of Rock also wanted to do a small discussion about why he doesn't like that dragons got nerffed. Other than that I think we covered everything we wanted to say about the game. Now let's see what you all think of it.

Mongo said "Pokemon X and Y are two very good 3DS games. The graphics rock, even though the 3D isn't used much. The music is AMAZING. I seriously cannot express enough how great the music is (to me at least). I enjoy the rather even mix of the new and the old Pokemon, although I wish new pokemon popped up a tiny bit more than the old ones, but that's a small complaint. The Mega Evolution I think are a very nice addition to the series, as they are not too overpowered, but there is a power difference. Team Flare and their fabulosity are amazing. I also enjoy how they try to space gyms apart more (at least at the beginning) So you aren't at level 50 in the after-game and cant do much to level. Pokemon Amie is ok, not great not horrible. I have not gotten around to Super Training yet... Sky Battles were kinda ruined for me when EVERY TIME THEY USED EMOLGA, and they are few and far between. Roller Skates were phenomenal, i love the tricks and free range of movement, and the bike was awesome too (again, free movement). Diagonal walking was a great addition as well. Can't say too much about the story as I have not finished the game yet (trying to enjoy the game to the fullest!) PSS is nice too, eliminating Pokemon Center's additional floors and trading and battle can occur wherever. Customization is cool to, but seems like they could've done a better job with it had they spent more time on it. I enjoy riding on pokemon too, but i wish it was in the game more. Overall, it is a great game, and, in my opinion, the best Pokemon title to date.Phew that was a lot! If you read this all you deserve a cookie." Funny you should mention that you like Roller skates, I know a lot of people who think that is the worst part of the game. I liked them too.

Ryan said "Best generation by far. I love almost every single Pokemon introduced in it, the music is outstanding, I absolutely love the mega evolutions and Fairy type, I can final EV train SO much quicker and easier now, the PSS is a great addition allowing quicker ways of battling and trading, and you can help your friends out with O powers. The GTS and Wonder trade are nice and easy to use, Pokemonamie is a nice addition(I love how my Quagsire waves to me when it notices me), I love the new moves introduced in this gen, and I actually like team Flare. The roller skates are awesome, the friend safari makes catching rare Pokemon easier and allowed me to get a Greninja with Protean, and it's so cool to see everything finally have full 3 dimensional animations. My only complaint is having to wait until the end of December to get my Empoleon for my Water team, but that doesn't take anything away from the game......and I'm definitely buying the soundtrack when it comes out. Lol" On a side note. I beat him in a battle GO ME. But seriously, he got unlucky with that battle. I so didn't deserve to win.

B-Rad said " Pokemon X and Pokemon Y The newest pokemon games. they combine the best of the whole series, has beautiful visuals, classic music, and great new gameplay. As well as balancing the OP dragon type, they have now OP mega evolutions. I really enjoy this game! I can't wait to have my Mega Absol and Mega Blaziken destroy all other pokemon trainers everywhere. In short: Buy a 3DS, buy one of the games, and have some fun times. On a separate note, did i mention the FREAKIN MUSIC?" I don't believe you did mention the music.

Finally, Carl Wheezing "THE BEST POKEMON GAMES EVER!!!"...so wait is firegold working it's way into real life?

I regret to say that we will not have a holiday special this year, but perhaps you haven't heard what we did last year or many years ago. That's right we have two holiday specials. Also Firegold released their holiday special, that is worth checking out. Later this month I hope to have everything I need in order to pump out more episodes. Finally, let's have a question! Red is making his own winter holiday. How would he have people decorate their houses?

Have a great day,