The Return of the Trailers

On the next phase of bringing Red Squirtle back to its golden days, I'll be bringing back trailers for new episodes. But before we go to that, lets review our two comments about Red's New Years Resolution.

Ryan said "To use Pidgey more often.......and take back his Magikarp so he can get a mega Gyarados(even though this is only 1st gen). I love that thing!" Red has a pidgey? Oh yeah! Almost forgot.

Mongo said "Red's new years resolution? To get better at avoiding Brock, because to be honest, he's pretty bad at it. Although when they meet it's hilarious, so I hope he fails to keep it." They do always seem to run into eachother.

That's all for January's question.  As the trailer implies, Expect the new episode sometime next week. For reasons I can't say, I'm glad we are returning to a schedule with these next few episodes. You will see in the coming episodes. Without further ado, here is our new trailer.

Look forward to that, and I believe this wraps up this month's post. So as for this months question...it is February and that has valentines day so let's ship Red Squirtle characters. Who would you ship? I would ship Squirtle and Pidgey. They have been showing some subtle love throughout the entire series and I think its about time to let that relationship flourish. Remember Episode 34 when Squirtle and Pidgey had that small alone time? That conversation sold me on them.

See you for the write up