Episode 31 Write Up and Brand New Trailer!

Sorry this one is coming up a little late, but considering our past waiting an extra week is like nothing. So Red Finally got his seventh badge. He did it. He got all seven. Let's talk about his journey to the seventh and final badge.

  • The questions are written verbatim from the original games.
  • I had trouble this episode coming up with ideas for a game show our characters could play in. One idea I had was to do Wheel of Fortune but I had a hard time making it funny. When I thought of Chain Reaction, a lesser known game show, I started running into the same issue. Then genius (questionable) struck and I had it so Red never comprehended the rules to the game.
  • The music used in the Snorlax Pizza Bed was found searching on Youtube "Stereotypical Italian Music" and wouldn't you know it, it was the exact song I was looking for.
  • The music used in the TrainersOnly commercial used a song called "Wildflowers" By Time Janis.
Alright, now for the time you've all been waiting for. What's gonna happen next? Well here is a small preview of what to come...

Coming Next Friday.


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