Episode 30 write up + a new trailer

I wanted to write this yesterday, but I forgot...So Episode 30: Red Helsing is a very old idea we've had. The whole story about Red running into Dracula and getting drunk goes back probably about four years and I'm very happy the way it turned out. A few notes about this episode...
  • We clearly embellished the journal entries, but we do have reason to believe Mr. Fuji wrote them because of the short anime series Pokemon Origins which does imply Fuji did write them. However, the connection to Team Rocket is pure fiction, most likely inspired by Pokemon the First Movie.
  • We did retcon Mr. Fuji's old voice. A little too...Japanese if you catch my drift.
  • In the February 6 diary entry we did allude to the theory that Dittos are just failed clones of Mew.
  • About a year ago I bought a huge collection of collision sound effects and this episode got some good use of them.
  • The music used in this episode was an array of Castlevania music plus one Ghost and Goblins song.
That's about it for interesting facts this time around. Now for the time we've all been waiting for, Episode 31 trailer!!!!

Coming this Friday.
Unitl Next time!


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