What's The Hold up?!?

 Hey everyone! Alex Here just to give you all an update on the state of The Red Squirtle. As you can imagine the Corona Virus had a major impact of us being able to meet up and record our silly show. And so, as you can see, we're in a bit of a hiatus until things get better in the States. We may have something in the pipeline, but no promises there. In the meantime, I am reviving our Youtube Page. So please come like, comment, and all that jazz there. Thanks for bearing with us. The Red Squirtle is certainly no stranger to long delays between episode releases!

See you all (hopefully) soon!



A Whole Mess of Write-Ups and a Single Trailer

Heyo. It's your pal, Alex, finally back to do some write-ups on the past several episodes. So lets get into it
Episode 43: Perfect Pitch
  • I hope everyone appreciates the pun in the title...Ya know. Red is pitching Brock for mayor...It's pretty funny...
  • In every new city Red gets to, we have an episode dedicated to exploring the non-plot related areas. What I like about this one we did, is we had a motive for Red to actually go all around the city.
  • I hope the whole copy cat section wasn't too confusing. In the game, copycat looked exactly like the player character and it is implied that copycat is repeating everything you are saying...also she has a talking Doduo.

Episode 44: Dragon Brock Z
  • I'm sure the reference is obvious in this one, but it's based on the Dragon Ball series.
  • To hammer home our love of the Dragon Ball series, we used sound effects and music from the series.
  • Annnndd surprise! Red gets another pokemon for his party! I hope you all like Hitmonchan.
Episode 45: Vocal Opinions
  • Ever since we started the mayor story arc, I wanted to include Brock singing a rendition of Two Perfect Girls at the debate...and boy did we do it!
  • I'm also glad I was able to retcon the whole reason Brock got arrested back in the early days in episode 5. Some of our jokes were just awful then...
  • The song itself was a combination of two different instrumentals of the song. I wanted to keep the piano intro from the original but because that version kept the background vocals, I had to cut it and switch over to the jazzy version of the song. They're also in different keys so I had to down shift the jazz version to match the original version. I also down pitched the whole song in general just so Brock could sing it easily.
Episode 46: Brothers in Arms
  • In the Red/Blue games, there are four Rockets who announce that they are one of four rocket brothers, They don't do anything but somehow they've always stuck with us and we had plans for them early on. Our original idea was to have them be Rockets that existed in the series already, but that changed.
  • While editing this episode, I wanted music for the Youtuber Rocket and the Podcaster Rocket. So what did I do? I searched online "Upbeat Vlog Music" and "Podcasting Music" and easily found what I assume to be common music for those mediums.
Episode 47: Tri-Attack
  • The original plan for this episode was to have both Blue and the Giovanni fight. As I was writing the episode, I realized that wouldn't happen.
  • Once again my Friend Matt makes another appearance, this time not as a lead character
  • In the middle of the fight we had a guy run in and throw out a Lapras. In the games, there is a guy who gives the player a Lapras. Since we didn't want Red to have that Lapras, we used that character as a gag instead.
  • Our unofficial fourth member, Michelle, did not want to voice the Lapras in this episode, but we forced her anyway.
  • The heroic music that accompanies the guy with the Lapras comes from Chrono Trigger, a game we often use music from.

Alright! If you're still here, you get a bonus! The trailer for the next episode! The showdown with the bad boss himself Giovanni! Here Take a small sample from early on in the episode!

 Be on the lookout for that next Friday! Until Next time.



Episodes 41 + 42 write ups!

Hey everyone, Alex here back at 'cha with another hot blog post. This time we'll be talking about Episodes 41 and 42 today. So lets get to it.

Episode 41: Tough Crust
  • While getting ready to do this blog post, I pulled up the episode to listen to it again, and I realized I uploaded a 50 minute long file. When I investigated that, for some reason a sound effect was found at the 50 minute mark making it so long. So sorry if you downloaded that super long file.
  • If you're not familiar with the old Pokemon games, The dojo was marked with "GYM" while the actual Saffron City gym is marked with "GYM GYM".
  • The theme song for the pizza bed hails from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. It's called Beauty Hermitage.
  • I had a fun time playing with the pitch shifts on the music in this episode to help set the mood. Every time something bad would happen. I would pitch it down 1/2 step

Episode 42: Revenge of the Brockisode

  • So this episode complicates the Official Red Squirtle Timeline of Events (tm). So allow me to clear up a few things. Brock gets his job after his arrest in Episode 5: Jailbird. The week of events (fixing house, going to space, catching walking piles of gold) all happen during Episodes 7 and 8
  • The music when the Rocket Grunt (which we affectionately named Pizza Boy rocket) and Manager John is one the first results when you search for dramatic music, perfect for our Melo-drama scene. One day while watching TV. I heard the song play on a commercial and I nearly lost my mind.

I hope you're all enjoying our Saffron City arc with Brock. Earlier today we uploaded Episode 43: Perfect Pitch. Go listen to that! I promise I won't be lazy this month and actually make a trailer for this month's episode. Enjoy!



Episode 40 + a Trailer

Hey-o Alex here again. So recently we released Episode 40: What if Squirtle was a Broom? and that episode was such a delight. Shall we discuss it?

  • I think we've had the announcer say that Red is going to a new city a million times in these intros. Don't worry. One day it'll be true.
  • Bringing back the vikings is something we've wanted to do for a long while. Before we had the idea of Red "completing his journey" and releasing all his Pokemon, we initially planned that Red would run into them during the trip from Cinnabar Island to Pallet Town. Plans changed and the vikings would be put aside.
  • Incase you didn't know, the vikings are named after the characters from The Lost Vikings, an old puzzle platforming game.
  • We also used music from that series. One of which is used in Heroes of the Storm, as the vikings are in that game too.
  • To this day, we all still sing the glass of water song.
  • I found the Holy music on youtube and while scrolling through the comments a lot of people were saying how this song makes them feel spiritually. Then here comes me with my comment that says "Aw man! This will be a great song for the Holy Broom"...but hey I wasn't wrong.
So I hoped you enjoyed that episode because I did a ton. So here's whats happening in the next episode!

Coming next Friday!



So 9 years huh?

Happy 9+ years to our very old and slow moving series. To those who stuck around, you're old now. To those who recently found us...sup. Anywho Here are some fun details on Episode 39: Train the Trainer...

  • Since our series is strictly the gen one Pokemon games (specifically Red), there is no such thing as special attack and special defense. It is combined into just one stat called special.
  • The voice of Scott was based off of Sgt. Hatred, a character from The Venture Brothers.
  • Another title we had for this episode was Red Actually Goes to School
  • When Red is naming the Pokemon types that he knows, he mentions bird type which is famous for being a type that exists in the games data but never used.
  • We also used the Maple Leaf Rag during the lesson on Pokemon stats.
And thus Red learns for the first time in 9 years. As for what happens next...well Let's just say later today there will be a new episode going up. No trailer this time around, but you don't need one anyway. Until next time



Episode 37 and 38 Write Ups + New Trailer

Hey everyone, Alex here, finally returning back to the ol' blog for some episode write ups. Between last post and this one, we've released 2 episodes and a blooper collection. So lets dig right into Episode 37: Operation Dew-Gone
  • We had two different names for this episode, one being the actual name of the episode, Operation Dew-Gone. The other one being Noir to be Found. I thought both names were equally great. 
  • When writing the episode, I hit writer's block. I got as far as V throwing out his new Vaporeon before putting down the episode for a bit. The original intention for the episode was to have them fight, but I wanted to do a little bit more than just a battle. Eventually that little bit turned into the entire episode and we scrapped the battle.
  • We love to use music from other sources and boy did this episode give us that opportunity. We used music from Donkey Kong 64, L.A. Noir, and some generic Noir music I found online.
  • If the ending seems familiar, it is because it is ripped directly from Rocky 3
So that's that. So Let's go into...well the same episode in a sense. Episode 38: The Red-con
  • Of course Red and V have to battle! What kind of series would this be if we didn't have the battle?
  • The joke about paralysis was part of a rewrite. We did a recording before this one that ended up not being great. So we met up another time to redo the recording and with that extra time, I added a few lines, including the joke about putting Squirtle down. In current recordings, whenever someone messes up a line, we joke that we may need to put them down.
Hope you all enjoyed those episodes. They were really fun to make. Now onto the main attraction. The trailer for Episode 39!

Coming next Friday. Until Next time,



New Trailer and More!

Hey everybody it's your ol' pal Alex here with another blog post. Before we move onto the episode write up let me announce here our Soundcloud page. We have been uploading our old episodes on Soundcloud, but they have been slightly remastered so they don't blow your ears off anymore and the also include a small blurb at the end by yours truly. If you're interested Go Here. As of now we have the first five episodes uploaded

So next up is Episode 36: A Tale of Two Kings. Let's get to it.
  • I wrote this episode in two separate sittings. This first session I wrote up to when Red collected the voltorb then I didn't know what to do, so I put it down. Then a few weeks later, I pikced it up again and wrote the whole Zapdos worshiping King character.
  • Speaking of the king, my good friend Matt provided his lovely voice to our show and I think he nailed it!
  • The title of the episode had to follow one rule ever since we released "I Met a Bird Once" Somewhere in the title had to have some variation of the word two. This is because of the famous Easter Egg where Articuno had the word uno in it, Zapdos had dos and Moltres....well you get it.
  • For the first time since July of 2017, Red has his full team back together! Time to continue his quest!
Finally, I have a trailer for the next episode

Coming out next Friday. Until then Buh-bye!